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LOGO CMA CGM Group CMA CGM GROUP. Company Logo Contents We are a global partner CMA in china Our service About us.

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2 Company Logo Contents We are a global partner CMA in china Our service About us

3 Company Logo About us A World Leader in Container Shipping Ranking first in France and third worldwide, we has become an international operator serving maritime shipping routes around the world with door-to- door services that combine maritime shipping with rail, river and highway transport. BACK

4 Company Logo About us  was founded at Marseilles in 1978  In 1996, CGM  in 1998, ANL (Australian National Lines)  212 ports of 126 countries  more than 400 agents and offices, and 65 in China.  owns the 6568 most experienced employees all over the world.

5 Company Logo About us World ranking 3 rd Total revenue( 2008 ) $ 15.1 billion Number of containers carried( 2008 ) 8.9 million TEU Slot capacity1 million TEU Total fleet vessel 360 Employees worldwide 17,000 Facts & Figures

6 Company Logo About us In 2010 Future headquarters 1.Logical response to the growth 2.147meters 3.Up to 2,700 group employees BACK

7 Company Logo Our service Routings  fulfill all your requirements. comprehensive shipping service & logistic supporting.  all lines information and call ports of the destinations 1.Europe/Mediterranean – Asia 2.Trans – Pacific 3.Australia-Far East 4.Mid East 5.Latin America 6.West Africa

8 Company Logo CGM Owned Fleet VESSEL NAME YEAR BUILTDWTGRTSPEEDCAPACITYFLAG ANL EXPLORER 1985341983573919.52266BAHAMAS BUXSUND19942345616250191687GERMANY CAP LOBOS19972151916915181645LIBERTIA CHICAGO EXPRESS 19723181430432192102BAHAMAS CMA CGM BELLINI 2004725006579024.55700BAHAMAS CMA CGM BERLIOZ 2001772207317225.96627FRANCE CMA CGM BIZET 2001772207317225.96627FRANCE CMA CGM CAPELLA 1995426743559521.53538GERMANY CMA CGM CHOPIN 2004725006579024.55700FRANCE CMA CGM DEBUSSY 2001772207317225.96627FRANCE CMA CGM ENTERPRIS E 1985341943573920.32266BAHAMAS

9 Company Logo CGM Owned Fleet CMA CGM MOZART 2004725006579024.55700FRANCE CMA CGM PUCCINI 2004725006579024.55700FRANCE CMA CGM PUGET 20025760049855244400BAHAMAS CMA CGM PUGET 20025854849855244250BAHAMAS CMA CGM PUMA 2000250501913121.81562LIBERIA CMA CGM ROSSINI 2004725006579024.55700FRANCE CMA CGM STRAUSS 2004725006579024.55700FRANCE CMA CGM TUCANO 1998303002380921.52008ANTIGUA CMA CGM VERDI 2004725006579024.55700FRANCE CMA CGM WAGNER 2004725006579024.55700FRANCE VILLE DE JUPITER 1991 3723521.53398FRANCE VILLE DE MARS 19914371437235212954PANAMA

10 Company Logo Our service container General Purpose containers 普通式 Open Top Containers 开顶式 Tank Containers 桶式 Open Side ANL Containers 侧开式 Ventilated Containers 干货式 Flushfolding Flat Containers 框架式 Refrigerated and Heated Containers 保温式 Pallet Wide Mc Andrew Containers 平托盘式 BACK

11 Company Logo CMA in China 1.CMA CGM China (Shipping) Limited. 2.Until February 2006, total of nine branches, 51 offices (based in Shanghai), total employees in China reached 850 people; 3.25 operating routes, including six European lines, three Mediterrane- an lines, two African lines, six American lines, four Australia lines, other 4 routes; 4.1.025million standard containers a week. 5.Anchored in Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Chiwan and Hong Kong, and major coastal ports.

12 Company Logo CMA in China  Large-scale project in China 1.Group in Xiamen, Hong Kong to invest in the construction and management of deep- water container terminal project. 2. Hong Kong's NWS Holdings and Xiamen Haicang Investment Corporation jointly built, is expected to be operational in 2010.CGM has a 30% stake. BACK 3.The new project will expand the CMA CGM shipping in China's market share, and shows that CMA CGM Shipping actively participate in China's transportation infrastructure.

13 Company Logo CMA CGM: a global partner In 2008, 650 CMA CGM agencies and offices are found throughout the world, particularly in China (64 offices) and in USA (25 agencies). Middle East & Africa Asia

14 Company Logo CMA CGM: a global partner South Pacific South America North & Central America Europe

15 Company Logo CMA CGM: a global partner  Won the ocean carriers for Wal-Mart Group, 2008-2009 1.The high quality and efficient services. 2.According to Wal-Mart Group, this award is based on our high value-added services, and flexible and responsive when necessary. 3.Even in such a difficult economic crisis, we provide customers with high-quality service and tailored solutions. 4."CMA CGM Group began to work closely with Wal-Mart in 2005. As the "Clean Cargo Organization" members,we are working to reduce environmental pollution

16 Company Logo Thank you! Come to meet us,please!

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