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Welcome to the world of Kings!

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1 Welcome to the world of Kings!

2 Welcome to the world of Kings!
Kings Schools UK was established in 1957 and now offers a wide variety of quality educational courses for international students from around the world. Over the past 50 years, thousands of adults and children from all around the world have studied English at our schools in London, Bournemouth and Oxford. We have given them a warm welcome, excellent teaching, a lively social life and an enjoyable, educational experience. Kings English Schools in London, Oxford and Bournemouth offer the very best in international education and English language training. Our students actively learn and "live" the English language! We welcome students of all ages and all levels from beginner to advanced.

3 50 years of Excellence This year we are celebrating our 50th anniversary, having started teaching English in We have gained a world-wide reputation for excellence and, with your help, will remain one of the longest established family-owned groups of schools in the UK.

4 Why choose Kings? Excellent locations Multi-centre courses
Excellent choice of courses Excellent facilities Quality guaranteed Excellent value One simple promise - whether your students spend two weeks on an intensive language course or two years studying to go to a British university, we will give them the best possible opportunity to learn and develop.

5 Kings School Bournemouth
Accredited by the British Council Excellent location - 5 minutes walk from Bournemouth town centre and 10 minutes from Bournemouth beach Gardens and terraces for relaxing outside In-school facilities include basketball / volleyball court, table-tennis, mini-cinema and lecture hall for parties, debates, lectures, etc. 2 restaurants (English, Oriental, Middle Eastern and European food) Free and internet (broadband and wi-fi) Computer room & Self-access Study Centre Interactive whiteboards (in selected classrooms)

6 Kings School London Accredited by the British Council
20 minutes by train to Central London Train station, shops, cinema, pubs, bars, sports club, library, etc. all within 5 minutes walk of the school Adults only in the winter (ages 16+), ages 14+ in the summer Large, sunny garden for relaxing outside Coffee shop Free / internet (broadband & wi-fi) Computer room / Self-access Study Centre Programme of weekly lectures and regular social events Most students can walk from their host family to school ( minutes)

7 Kings School Oxford Accredited by the British Council
8 minutes by bus to Oxford centre Shops, supermarket, pubs, bars, sports club, swimming pool, library, etc. all within 5 minutes walk of the school Specialist school for University Preparation and IELTS (IELTS Exam Centre) Patio for relaxing outside Coffee shop and Student Zone with Free / internet (broadband & wi-fi) Computer room / Self-access Study Centre Regular social events Most students can walk from their host family to school ( minutes) Residential accommodation available in the summer

8 Kings Residential Centres
We have 2 summer camps (near London and Reading) and they both offer. . . Full supervision from arrival to departure All-inclusive programmes - only minimum pocket money required Airport transfers, all meals, laundry, school bank, etc. all included Comfortable residential accommodation A full-time programme with lots to do every day Fantastic sports and activities every afternoon and evening Excursions to famous places (including London) Qualified and experienced teachers Fun and interesting lessons Truly international classes

9 Courses run at Kings General English
Summer Courses for juniors, teenagers and adults Residential Summer Camps Business English University Access Examination and Certificate Juniors (10-16 years) Work Placement Group Courses

10 General English Courses
Kings offers an excellent selection of general English courses ranging from lessons per week. We have courses for students of all levels from beginner to advanced. All students are tested on arrival and placed in a class at the correct level. An excellent choice of courses available all year Courses for all levels from beginners to advanced Short and long courses available Study longer and pay less A balanced syllabus covering the essential areas of general English Options in IELTS, business English, conversation, etc. are included on the Intensive Course Regular progress tests and regular homework to ensure steady progress End-of-course certificate linked to the Common European Framework

11 Summer Courses for juniors, teenagers and adults
Kings London, Oxford and Bournemouth have a superb range of summer courses for juniors, teenagers and adults including 2 residential summer camps, Summer Vacation, Summer Extra and Summer Intensive courses! Our summer courses are truly international with a great mix of students from around the world! All courses include at least one free activity per day while the Summer Camps and Summer Vacation / Extra also include at least one weekly excursion. If you're active and sporty, there is lots to do; if you like relaxing and making new friends, that's fine too! All our summer courses offer a great opportunity to improve your English while having a memorable summer holiday.

12 Kings Summer Vacation Course (available in London, Oxford and Bournemouth)
International summer courses combining English language lessons with activities and excursions! Great value and great fun! This course combines English language lessons with a weekly excursions and a programme of optional sports and activities. This course is ideal for students who want to improve their English, meet lots of new people and see lots of new places! The minimum age is 16 in Oxford and 14 in Bournemouth and London. The Summer Vacation is fun, summer course with a "holiday" feel and we therefore recommend that students who require a more serious course should attend the Intensive Course or the Summer Intensive Course.

13 Summer Vacation Sample Timetable

14 Kings Summer Extra Course (available in London and Bournemouth)
The Summer Extra is very similar to the Summer Vacation but includes lots of EXTRAS including: daily lunch, weekly laundry, school bank service, lots of extra activities and an extra half-day excursion every week. The Summer Extra is our recommended course for younger students aged as it includes all meals and a fully-inclusive sports and activities programme. There is a good choice of activities every day and 2-3 evening activities every week. Our full and varied activity programme helps students to keep busy and make new friends. We expect all students to join in with the activities as it is a great way to practise speaking English!

15 Summer Extra Course Timetable

16 Residential Summer Camps
Imagine spending your summer in a beautiful English boarding school, learning English, making friends from around the world , visiting famous places and having some serious fun doing sports and adventure activities with new friends! Farringtons is an elegant and spacious school with beautiful gardens and excellent facilities including a swimming pool, sports hall, dance studio, tennis courts, football field and art room. Pangbourne is ideal for kids who love sport and adventure activities run in an impressive and prestigious school situated near Pangbourne village on the River Thames.

17 Business English Kings has been teaching Business and Commercial English for over 40 years. We have an excellent selection of courses in which business English is a key part of the course. Our courses range from short, intensive courses for busy executives and professionals to a long-term business-based University Access Course. All our schools offer the Intensive Course with Business English while Kings Bournemouth and London offer more specialised Business English courses including the Intensive Business Course, the Business English Diploma and the University Business Access Course. Kings has a long history of providing tailor-made business and commercial English courses for companies, banks, armed forces and government departments.

18 University Access Kings Oxford and Bournemouth have a wealth of expertise in providing university preparation courses and each year over 50 students gain a place at a British University after completing a Kings Foundation or Access course. With a choice of 4 different programmes Kings has the right university preparation programme for everyone. All of our university preparation programmes include IELTS preparation, academic study skills, academic studies, regular individual tutorials and assistance with university applications. With links to over 70 universities, Kings will help students achieve their university dreams!

19 Examination and Certificate
OUR EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE HELPS YOUR STUDENTS ACHIEVE EXAM SUCCESS! Intensive Course with IELTS preparation Super Intensive IELTS Course First Certificate Course GCE A-Level Course Business English Diploma Our specialist courses are taught by a team of experienced teachers, some of whom are examiners. Kings Oxford is the second largest IELTS test centre in the UK and has an excellent record of exam success. Kings London is a Cambridge Exam Centre.

20 Juniors (10-16 years) Kings has been running specialised courses for juniors and teenagers for over 30 years. We have a wealth of expertise and experience which ensures that our students have both an enjoyable and educational experience. We keep our young learners busy and active with stimulating English lessons, lots of sports and activities and excursions to fun places and famous cities. We offer a great selection of courses for young learners including 3 residential summer camps, Summer Vacation and Summer Extra courses, special year-round courses for groups and Kings Easy English for groups of teenagers

21 Work Placement Kings Paid Work Placement programmes are a great way to improve your English, gain practical work experience and earn some extra pocket money! We have work paid placement programme for students of all nationalities. Kings also offers an Internship Programme which includes a period of non-paid work experience in a British or Multinational company in a field or sector which is relevant to particular career objectives your interests. If students are interested in a work placement programme, they need to be reliable, hard-working and enthusiastic - it's not a holiday but it is a great life experience!

22 Group Courses Kings offers a great selection of courses for groups of juniors, teenagers and adults both year-round and in the summer. Low season courses Easy English Course: is ideal for school groups who want a low-cost course. English Experience Course: is a fully inclusive course which is ideal for younger students. The English Academic Term: is an innovative programme which allows students to have English lessons in the morning and lessons with their own teachers in the afternoons. Summer courses The most popular summer courses for groups include our 3 Residential Summer Camps, the Summer Vacation Course and the Summer Extra Course.

23 Accreditation Kings is accredited by the British Council and is a member of EnglishUK. British Council Accreditation Accreditation UK, run by the British Council and English UK, is the quality assurance scheme for the UK ELT sector. They regularly inspect organisations in the UK offering courses in English as a foreign language. If the school meets agreed high standards of quality they are accredited by the British Council. The inspection lasts several days and the inspectors examine all aspects of the services provided by the school including the teaching, the school restaurant, the accommodation, the welfare provision, the free time programme and the administration and management of the school. Accreditation provides students with a guarantee of choice and quality and provides English language centres with a range of promotional and developmental benefits.

24 Agent support We run a dedicated agent website with a wide range of resources to help you improve and extend your business. The site is located in a secure area prohibiting the general public from gaining access.

25 2007 Brochures available Kings Schools UK supplies a wide range of brochures to assist you in the promotion of the courses. We can also supply template copies for you to print in your own language. Main Brochure Summer Courses University Access Residential Courses Business Courses

26 The wonderful world of Kings!

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