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 Topic 13 – Levels and functions of management Page 153.

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1  Topic 13 – Levels and functions of management Page 153

2 What is management?  This is the process of dealing with controlling and directing people or things.  It is the act of getting people together to accomplish goals using available resources efficiently and effectively.

3 What is a manager?  A manager is anyone who deals with, directs or controls people in an organisation.  They are responsible for making sure that work is being done correctly so that the organisation may reach its goals.

4 Levels of management Top level Managers – carry the Ultimate responsibility of seeing the organisation achieve its objectives. E.g. CEO or general manager Middle level managers – responsible for the running of large departments within the organisation. There job is to put systems and plans in action to achieve goals set out by top level. E.g. Financial managers Low level managers – are responsible for certain areas, tasks or groups of people that they are responsible for leading, organising and controlling. E.g. Foreman or team leader

5 Management tasks  Planning – this involves setting goals, allocating resources, setting deadlines and delegating tasks so everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing.  Leading – involves establishing a team and making sure that the individuals are well motivated and feel a sense of belonging. This involves resolving conflicts in the team and providing vision and inspiration to the organisation.  Organising – involves making sure that the business environment is orderly and that things happen according to the action plan. This task requires the manager to make sure that everyone has what they need and that everyone is sticking to the work schedule.  Controlling – monitoring to what employees are doing, evaluating their performance and redirecting their behaviour when they are not doing their job correctly.

6 Characteristics of a manager  Confidence  Self-motivated  Goal-driven  Hardworking  Dedicated  Optimistic  Calm  Flexible  Team player

7 Styles of management  A management style is the way in which a manager uses their authority and how they make decisions. There are three types: Autocratic, democratic and permissive (free-reign)  Autocratic – these managers make all the decisions themselves. They do not allow employees to share any power and they are not concerned with the opinions of team members.  Democratic – these managers share their power by allowing employees to participate directly in making decisions. Effective style for promotion a feeling of belonging in the organisation.  Permissive – these managers allow followers to do as they like. They do not provide any direction or exercise any control.

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