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Shanker Annaswamy Managing Director IBM India Pvt Ltd February 2008.

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1 Shanker Annaswamy Managing Director IBM India Pvt Ltd February 2008

2 Welcome to IBM Forum 2008! Innovate. Act. Grow. IBM Forum embodies IBM’s long-standing commitment to helping clients harness innovation 200+ leaders representing 200 companies Wide variety of insights and ideas exchanged through open and engaging dialogue New opportunities for collaboration and partnership

3 Drivers of Change Necessitate an Innovation Agenda Globalization New Business Models Value Creation

4 Technology and Innovation Annual Global Technology Outlook C-suite surveys Biannual Global Innovation Outlook Quarterly Institute for Business Value studies Academy of Technology reports (public versions) MonthlyResearch/Development breakthroughs and announcements Global Technology Outlook

5 Project Big Green IBM Turns up the Heat on Environmental Effort Big Blue Steps up Green Effort IBM Aims to Make Big Computing Greener

6 Global Citizen’s Portfolio & Corporate Service Corps  Matching Accounts for Learning  Corporate Service Corps  Transitions Program Financial Times, December 10, 2007 Sam Palmisano makes an announcement on Global Citizen’s Portfolio in Washington July, 2007

7 Bangalore. Chennai Mumbai. Pune. Hyderabad Kolkata Delhi 73,000+ employees INDIA RESEARCH LABS IIT Delhi, Bangalore SERVICES INNOVATION RESEARCH CENTRE Bangalore DOMESTIC/OTHERS Systems Tech Group Software Group Global Services: GBS,SO, ITS IBM Global Finance INDIA SOFTWARE LABS Bangalore, Pune, Delhi BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION SERVICES & IBM Daksh Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY DELIVERY Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai GLOBAL ENGINEERING SERVICES Bangalore GLOBAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CENTRE Bangalore SEMICONDUCTOR RESEARCH CENTRE Bangalore IBM in India – Poised to Lead the Innovation Agenda

8 The Innovator’s Innovator…in India & South Asia Extensive, collaborative and inclusive Launched Accessibility Center and Industry Solutions Lab Supporting 100 million telecom subscribers in India 30,000+ skilled process experts, practitioners and consultants 73,000 employees across 60+ facilities Chairing CII’s Intellectual Property Committee Transforming business for leaders in Aviation, Steel, Automobiles, Real Estate, Financial Services Co-chaired “Innovate India” report with CII ** * *

9 Thank You and Welcome to IBM Forum 2008! Act Innovate Grow

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