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Komodo Dragon Loren Gallimore.

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1 Komodo Dragon Loren Gallimore

2 Varanus komodoensis Fact: Habitat tropical savanna forests
at night, sleep in borrows to escape the heat Fact: Komodo dragons are usually unsuccessful in bringing down their prey, but if they are able to bite the animal, the animal will eventually die from the bacteria in its saliva.

3 Diet any kind of meat Scavenge from carcasses Stalk animals from small rodents to large buffalo Sometimes cannibalistic Fact: A kill is usually shared by many Komodo dragons and very little is wasted. They leave only about 12% of the prey.

4 Factors of the Komodo Dragon
Largest living lizard Reaches a length of 10 feet Weighs about 150 pounds Hot habitats of 95°F Solitary animals Sexual Maturity Males: 10 years Females: 9 years Lay eggs in September Produce up to 30 eggs Mate twice a year Fact: The largest verified specimen reached a length of 10.3 feet and weighed up to 366 pounds.

5 Endangerment Fact: Limited range Legal and illegal hunting
Poisonous carrion bait 3,000 to 5,000 left Natural disasters Illegal trafficking/ black market Fact: Komodo dragons may live about 30 years in the wild, but scientists are still studying this.

6 Protection Efforts Fact:
1915 – protection plans enforced by Dutch government 1980 – Komodo National Park (KNP) Strict anti-poaching laws Fact: Komodo dragons keep the same mate throughout its entire lifetime.

7 1 Where are Komodo dragons mainly located? Japan Islands of Indonesia
West Coast of America Asia

8 2 Which of the following is not true about Komodo dragons?
There are only about three to five thousand Komodo dragons left. They sometimes eat their own young. Animals that are prey to the Komodo dragon usually die from their venom. Komodo dragons are the largest lizard in the world

9 3 About how many eggs do female Komodo dragons lay? 30 40 20 15

10 4 How much does a full size Komodo dragon weigh? 250 pounds 200 pounds

11 5 Which is true about Komodo dragons?
Komodo dragons prefer cold temperatures A full size female Komodo can reach a length of 12 feet Komodo dragons are located in Japan They keep the same mate their whole life

12 Indiana Bat

13 Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel

14 Shenandoah Salamander

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