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How do we explore science safely?

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1 How do we explore science safely?

2 Using the right equipment
Equipment is the name given to the beakers, burners, flasks, stands and  other items used in the laboratory.  The equipment helps us to do experiments and to do them safely. Some of the names might sound unfamiliar to you but you will soon learn what each piece of equipment is called and how it is used.  The equipment in our school laboratory may look slightly different  because each laboratory has its own types of equipment.  Some items of equipment can be used together in an experiment.  Equipment placed together for an experiment is called apparatus.

3 To show others how to set up an experiment, scientists write 
a list of the equipment needed and drawings that show  how it is set up. Scientists have a quick and simple way to show scientific  equipment. They use drawings called scientific diagrams.  Using scientific diagrams means you don’t have to be an  artist to be a good scientist and you have more time  to do the experiments.

4 The procedure for drawing scientific diagrams:
Draw clearly and neatly. Use a sharp led pencil. Draw the equipment from the side view. (not the top view) Don’t show any detail, just a simple outline. (no shading) Draw lines using a ruler. Print labels neatly and connect them to the diagram with a line or arrow. (annotating) Spell labels correctly. (Incorrect spelling makes good science look bad!) Diagrams should be between 6 and 10 centimetres high.

5 Types of equipment



8 Scientific drawings

9 Over to you! Beaker Retort Stand Measuring Cylinder Bunsen Burner
Filter Funnel Conical Flask Tripod Stand Test Tube Stirring Rod Gauze Mat Evaporating Dish Watch Glass Thermometer Holder Test Tube Rack Metal Tongs Spatula

10 WORKBOOK activity 1.3 Page 5, Questions 1 & 2

11 Safety in the laboratory

12 Poster Task: Design a safety poster to be displayed in the science laboratory - Include text and images



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