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Analyzing Mass Media Messages English 8 – Unit 2 Fall 2009.

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1 Analyzing Mass Media Messages English 8 – Unit 2 Fall 2009

2 Advertising: Questions to Ask an Ad Who is the target audience? What product is the advertiser selling? What are they trying to get you to do? What propaganda techniques are used and why?

3 Persuasive Techniques: Name Calling Name calling is creating a negative attitude; hinting or implying using slanted or biased language.

4 Persuasive Techniques: Bandwagon The Bandwagon technique creates a desire to join a group satisfied with the idea or product; makes one feel left out if not with the crowd “Everyone else is doing it!”

5 Persuasive Techniques: Testimonial A testimonial uses a famous person or expert to make the advertisement’s claims seem more believable “It worked for me!”

6 Persuasive Techniques: Appeal to Emotions An appeal to emotions draws on the audience’s feelings; their sense of loyalty, pity, fear, love of family, peace, or justice.

7 Persuasive Techniques: Appeal to Prestige In an appeal to prestige the spokesperson makes the product seem attractive to the audience because he/she is a celebrity or appealing person the audience wants to be like.

8 Persuasive Techniques: Plain Folks Plain folks – using a spokesperson like the audience members with whom they can identify “For people like you”

9 Persuasive Techniques: Glittering Generalities Ads that use glittering generalities tell only part of the truth or make a statement that leaves out all of the facts.

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