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Introduction Literary Genres Active reading strategies

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1 Introduction Literary Genres Active reading strategies
Vocabulary Development Writing Process

2 Literary Genres Fiction Poetry Drama Nonfiction Short stories Novels
Novellas Poetry Odes Sonnets Narrative Lyric Drama Comedies Plays Historical Nonfiction Biographies/autobio. Essays Speeches Articles

3 Literary Genres Media Feature Films News Media TV shows Advertising
Web sites

4 Types of Readers Passive Active Readers Page flippers
Appear to be reading Cannot remember what they read Words get read but bounce off, do not get absorbed Active Readers Preview Text Set a purpose Connect personally Use prior knowledge Predict Visualize Monitor Make Inferences

5 Active Readers… Preview Set a purpose Connection Use Prior Knowledge
Read titles, graphics, and subheadings Skim 1st paragraphs Set a purpose Entertainment, information, or other Purpose sets tone for reading-academic vs. pleasure Connection Compare yourself to characters’ personalities, actions, reactions Use Prior Knowledge List what you already know Connect what you know to what you are learning

6 Active Readers… Predict Visualize Monitor Make Inferences
Pay attention to strong statements or actions Guess what will happen next Visualize Notice author’s descriptions of characters, setting, and events Create a movie in the mind. Monitor Ask questions to yourself Reread confusing passages Make Inferences Record specific details about characters, setting, and events. Use prior knowledge to “read between the lines”

7 Vocabulary Development
Academic Vocabulary – high function and high utility words that occur in academic settings Content-Specific – words related to ELA Vocabulary Study – Greek and Latin roots and stems, prefixes and suffixes Vocabulary in Context – words encountered in literary text

8 Writing Process Prewriting: a.k.a. brainstorming
Drafting: a.k.a. rough draft or sloppy copy Revising Editing Publishing

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