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1 Andrew Graham Director Sales EMEA Future of the Information management.

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1 1 IBT@DMSEXPO Andrew Graham Director Sales EMEA Future of the Information management

2 2 Global Community of Information Professionals – 80,000 members – Provide best practice guidance via Research Training (Classes, In-House, On-Line) Publications Online Community Activities AIIM Andrew Graham Sales Director EMEA 25 years in Information Management

3 3 AIIM Surveys The Paper Free Office Feb 2012 Information Governance March 2013 ECM at the Crossroads May 2013 Paper Wars August 2012 Full reports free to professional members to download at:

4 4 ERPSCMCRM Original slide concept from Cisco Enterprise Apps Enterprise Apps Server Architecture Server Architecture Devices Operating System Operating System

5 5 Paperfree 1975..the use of paper in business for records and correspondence should be declining by 1980,… …and by 1990, most record handling will be consumption of office paper more than doubled in the last two decades of the 20th century... 2012

6 6 You have to kick the paper out of the process! Paper reduction is part of business improvement campaigns: 75% yes Have a specific policy or maxim to Drive paper out of the business: 27% yes

7 7 Mobile & Social

8 8 ©AIIM 2013 Are forms and documents currently captured in any of the following places for use in your key business processes? Customer self- service and mobile set to grow. Twice as many orgs planning mobile capture as doing it now. N=326 Capture at the Periphery % of Organizations

9 9 76% have no mobile-enabled processes: 24% havent even thought about it, 20% have security reasons or feel it adds no value 32% have evaluated it but not made a move. ©AIIM 2012 Just 3% actively look at every process with a view to mobile-enabling it Mobile Capture

10 10 In 5 years time, 33% of orgs, expect to seehalf or more of their employees using iPads, tablets or digital clipboards for filling in forms Tablet Capture

11 11 Process All organizations make use of processes to get things done – most of which require paper or electronic information to work.

12 12 Data Chaos Where is my data? have of their enterprise content held in non-ECM business systems

13 Real benefit comes from integrating ECM and Business Processes together 52% Believe administrative staff in their organization would be more productive if their processes were work-flowed using scanned forms and documents, with automated data capture. Complete Integration

14 Government Records Legal Contracts Customer invoices Insurance Claims Loan origination ECM

15 For customer processes consider mobile technologies to be important or extremely important BUT ONLY Provide mobile access to ECM content


17 Questions/Comments/Discussion Items Andrew Graham @andrew_aiim

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