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Regents Biology Lipids Concentrated energy molecules.

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2 Regents Biology Lipids Concentrated energy molecules

3 Regents Biology Lipids – General Info  Lipids are composed of C, H, O  long hydrocarbon chains (H-C)  “Family groups”  fats  phospholipids  steroids  Waxes Two Types  Saturated Fats and Unsaturated Fats

4 Regents Biology Lipids  Functions: 1. energy storage  twice the energy as carbohydrates! 2. build cell membrane  phospholipids 3. cushions organs 4. insulates body

5 Regents Biology Structure of Fat Molecule - Triglyceride not a chain - just a “big fat molecule”

6 Regents Biology Saturated fats vs. Unsaturated fats  Most animal fats  solid at room temperature  Limit the amount in your diet  contributes to heart disease  Plant, vegetable & fish fats  liquid at room temperature I like Olive Oil

7 Regents Biology  Hydrophilic heads “attracted” to H 2 O  Hydrophobic tails “hide” from H 2 O bilayer water Other lipids in biology - Phospholipids It’s just like a me!!!! head at one end & a tail at the other!

8 Regents Biology 2003-2004 Other lipids in biology - Steroids  Example – cholesterol  Example - hormones

9 Regents Biology Other lipids in biology - Waxes  Waxes are a great to to repel water

10 Regents Biology What, are you Lipid or something Winter is coming

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