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The Systeme International SI

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1 The Systeme International SI
The Metric System The Systeme International SI

2 Some Basic Units of Measurement
Length is measured in meters (m) how far from point to point, or how tall, deep, long, wide, around Mass is measured in grams (g) how much matter - STUFF something has, like how heavy or weight Volume is measured in liters (L) how much space something takes up

3 Why use the metric system?
The other name of the metric system is System International (SI) because….. All scientists use the metric system to communicate their data. Only THREE countries in the world do not use the Metric System!!!!! The metric system is based on powers of 10. This makes it easier to use because decimals and 10’s are easier to divide, multiply, add or subtract!

4 Some Tools used to Measure
Meter – measure with a metric ruler or tape measure. Mass – scale called the triple beam balance Volume – for liquid use a graduated cylinder Volume – of a solid use a ruler, calculator and the formula for volume for solid objects

5 BASE UNITS AND PREFIXES King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk
kilo hecto deca deci centi milli K H D D C M King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk

6 Abbreviations and Meanings
k – kilo (1000) h – hecto (100) da – deca (10) d – deci (1/10) c – centi (1/100) m – milli (1/1000) O - meter - gram - liter m g L Ex. km = kilometer cg = centigrams mL = milliliters

7 Metric Conversions Move the decimal to the right from BIGGER to smaller. Move the decimal to the left from smaller to BIGGER.

8 Now you are ready to try some conversions on your own.

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