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Bridge to Terabithia Questions

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1 Bridge to Terabithia Questions

2 Chapter 1 Questions Why is Jess wearing neither shirt nor shoes?
Why has he gotten up early every morning in the summer? Why does Jess like May Belle? Who is Miss Bessie? What news does May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch?

3 Chapter 2 Questions What does Jess keep under the mattress?
How do we know Jess loves to draw? How did Jess‘s father react when his son told him that he wanted to be an artist? Who is Miss Edmunds? What was Jess‘s first reaction when he met Leslie Burke?

4 Chapter 3 Questions Who is Mr. Turner?
How is Leslie different from the other students? Why is Mrs. Myers unhappy with her new class? What did the boys organize outside once they had been dismissed after eating their lunch? Why were the boys stunned at the results of Jess‘s heat? Why does Jess sit beside May Belle on the bus?

5 Chapter 4 Questions Why wasn't running fun anymore?
How do you know that Jess really likes Miss Edmunds? What did Leslie mean by the statement, "Money is not the problem"? Why was Leslie unable to do the project on Jacques Cousteau? According to Leslie, what was the only way that someone would be able to get to their magic country? What did Leslie name their new secret land? Why did Leslie and Jess avoid one another during school hours?

6 Chapter 5 Questions Who was the "real" giant in their lives?
What plan of action do they decide on to pay back Janice Avery? What was the hardest part of the plan to get Janice Avery? How does Leslie prevent Mrs. Pierce from discovering Jess in the classroom?

7 Chapter 6 Questions What two things did Jess plan to give Leslie for Christmas initially? Why did Jess get off the bus before his normal stop? What does Leslie give Jess for Christmas? Describe the scene at Jess‘s house on Christmas Day.

8 Chapter 7 Questions What happened when Jess tried to go to Terabithia alone? Compare the relationship between Leslie and her father and Jess and his father. Why did Jess feel differently when he was at Leslie's house? Who does Leslie discover crying in the bathroom stall? Why was this person crying?

9 Chapter 8 Questions What was unusual about the weather in the beginning of Chapter 8? Why did the Aarons family only go to church at Easter? Why would the girls not be wearing new clothes to church this Easter? How did Jess‘s sisters react to the news about their father? Why does Leslie say she would like to go to church with Jess‘s family?

10 Chapter 9 Questions Explain why this chapter is called The Evil Spell.
What does Jess wake up to in the middle of the night? What is the "flaw" that Jess recognizes in his own character and doesn't like. According to Jess, what will Leslie still want to do despite the heavy rains?

11 Chapter 10 Questions What does Jess want Leslie to teach him how to do in the summer? Who called Jess and what did the caller want? What didn't occur to Jess until the car was past Millsburg? When does Jess first realize that something is wrong?

12 Chapter 11 Questions How did Jess react when he was given the news?
Why does Brenda Aarons express surprise at her brother's behavior? Why does Jess’s father suggest that they should pay a visit to the neighbors?

13 Chapter 12 Questions Why does Jess think that Leslie has failed him?
What is the significance of the phrase, “I am now the fastest runner in the fifth grade” ? Why did Bill give P.T. to Jess?

14 Chapter 13 Questions What did Jess want to make for Leslie’s funeral in Terabithia? Why did Mrs. Myers ask Jess to step into the hall? What two important events happen at the end of the story?  Why are they so important?

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