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The Rise of Apartheid in South Africa

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1 The Rise of Apartheid in South Africa
Separate and UNEQUAL

2 Background 1652, Dutch settlers arrive at Cape Town “Boers” (farmers in Dutch) Slaves brought from other parts of Africa and Asia 1795: British siezed Cape 1899 and 1902 Boer Wars, British win 1909 South Africa Act: longstanding racial segregation


4 Apartheid takes hold 10 % of S. Africans are white Afrikaners, or “White Africans” of European background 90% are native Bantu, mixed race, or Asian background Apartheid = APARTNESS Brutally repressive regime!

5 Images from Apartheid

6 1948: White Nationalist Party
Comes to power, passes repressive laws Group Areas Act of 1950 1949 Mixed Marriages Act 1953: Criminal Law Amendment Act 1953: Bantu Education Act 1970: Bantu Homelands Act

7 The ANC fights back! African National Congress
Nelson Mandela and others, dedicated to ending Apartheid Protest at Sharpeville, 1960 Peaceful protest Police opened fire, killing 69 and wounding 186 in the back!

8 Sharpeville’s Impact? Gains international attention to cause!
Nelson Mandela jailed for 27 years! ANC is outlawed and goes “underground” Steve Biko and other students lead protests in 1970s

9 Images from Sharpeville, 1960

10 Soweto Uprising Peaceful protest, 1976, against teaching only Afrikaans language in schools Police opened fire, killing over 1,000 people—mostly students!

11 Images from Soweto, 1976

12 GLOBAL struggle! Find 5 events for South Africa and 5 events for the US related to the STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS from Plot on a timeline: South Africa on top, US on bottom. Briefly explain each!

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