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Teen Health Tobacco, alcohol & other drugs NOTES.

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1 Teen Health Tobacco, alcohol & other drugs NOTES

2 Tobacco Chapter 1 p.2-24

3 Facts about Tobacco  Harmful and addictive substance in all its forms  Cigarettes  Cigars and pipes  Smokeless  Contains many chemicals that harm your body  Nicotine  Tar  Carbon monoxide NOTES

4 Health Risks of Tobacco Use  Health experts have been warning about the dangers of tobacco for many years  Since 1964 issued by the Surgeon General  A year later companies were ordered to add health warnings to cigarette packages  Tobacco use causes many serious health problems  Emphysema (destruction of the alveoli in the lungs)  Lung cancer  Heart disease 400,000 people die every year from smoking related illness NOTES

5 Tobacco Addiction  Contains strong substances that make it difficult to stop using once a person has started.  Nicotine  Results both physical and psychological dependence

6 Costs to Society  Costly  Added health care expenses and lost productivity  Counter costs  Tobacco taxes  Smoke-free environments  Labeling laws  Advertising limits NOTES

7 Saying No to Tobacco Use  Influences  Peers  Family  Media  Advertising  Know how  Reasons to say no  “I dislike the smell”  “it’s against the law for someone my age to smoke”  “I can’t afford to spend all my money on tobacco”  “no thanks”  Resources  Organizations  Support groups

8 Alcohol Chapter 2 p.29-48

9 Alcohol Use and Teens  Most teens do not use alcohol, but several factors influence teens to try it.  It is a drug created by chemical reaction in some foods, especially fruits and grains  Depressant (slows functions and reactions of mind and body)  Influences  Peer pressure  Images in media  Negative effects pose greater risk for teens than adults NOTES

10 Effects of Alcohol Use  Immediate effect on many organs:  Brain  Stomach  Heart  Liver  kidneys  Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) amount of blood in user’s blood factoring a persons reaction  Negative effect on:  thoughts and behavior  Physical  Social NOTES

11 Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse  DANGER  Habit-forming leads to addiction  Serious health issue-17 million in U.S. either addicted or have an alcohol problem  Affects  Families, friends, and society  Alcoholism vs. alcohol abuse  Alcoholism- disease physical and psychological need for alcohol  Experience: craving, loss of control, tolerance, physical dependence  Alcohol abuse- using alcohol in ways that are unhealthy, illegal, or both People who are struggling with alcohol need help NOTES

12 Spiral of addiction 1.Casual drinking 2.Habit 3.Tolerance 4.Addiction Making excuses to drink is another common symptom of alcoholism NOTES

13 Getting Help for Alcohol Abuse  Family, friends, and various organizations  Intervention  Gathering where family and friends try to get problem drinker to agree to seek help  Support groups  Help recover  Help families learn how to deal with the problem  Choice Admission, Detoxification, Counseling, Resolution

14 Refuse a ride from someone who has been drinking. Slowed Reaction Time Loss in coordination and concentration

15 drugs Chapter 3 p.50-68

16 Drug use and abuse  Drugs affect your body, mind, emotions, and social life and can lead to consequences with the law.  Drugs can be medicines that help the body  Many drugs are harmful to your health  ANY drug can be harmful to your health if abused or misused  Abuse is intentionally using drugs in an unhealthful or illegal way  Can lead to arrest, fines, jail time, criminal record All medicines are drugs, but not all drugs are medicines NOTES

17 Types of Drugs and Their Effects  Marijuana  Pot  weed  Stimulants  Caffeine (legal)  Cocaine (illegal)  Depressants  Slow down body and mind affecting motor skills and coordination  Many are legal when prescribed by a doctor, but are often misused or abused.  Hallucinogens  LSD  PCP  Ecstasy  Narcotics  Not all are illegal but are extremely addictive  Club drugs  Inhalants  Cause brain damage and even death  Anabolic Steroids

18 Staying Drug Free  Don’t respond to peer pressure, and media  Practice refusal skills  Reasons  Physical health  Control over your actions  Obeying the law  Protecting your future  Healthier relationships  Self-respect  Staying drug free can benefit all sides of your health triangle  Physical  Mental/emotional  Social  As well as your wallet!  Resources are always available

19 Information from: Mc Graw Hill Education  Pictures from Google

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