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Attitude (pg 48-50).

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1 Attitude (pg 48-50)

2 Objectives Describe the importance of a positive attitude.
Provide examples of how attitude can effect an organization.


4 Quick Write-Attitude List five words that describe your attitude today. Give personal example where you have had or observed a positive attitude Give personal example where you have had or observed a negative attitude. What were the outcomes for both positive & negative situations?


6 Attitude —a state of mind that can be positive or negative --catching.

7 Motivation Air Force success depends on attitude, discipline, and respect. How can attitude impact the corp, positively or negatively?

8 Ways to ID attitude The expression on your face Your posture
Your tone of voice The way you participate in class & at activities The manner in which you address teachers and colleagues Attitude in AFJROTC The way you salute The way you tie your tie The amount of effort you put into meeting grooming standards

9 Results of attitude in AFJROTC
JROTC program relies on every individual. Every person is a key to the success. Good attitude contributes to success Negative attitude can put the entire operation in jeopardy. Is this in other aspects of life? Name a few

10 Leadership mandates Positive Attitude
Positive attitude is especially important for leaders. Those under you will reflect your attitude. In the Tuskegee movie scene (basic training) where the troops arrive to pilot school, compare the attitude of the Col and the Maj. Who will have their troops follow them? Why?

11 How can you change a negative attitude?
Law of Attraction Your thoughts deem your actions Think positive thoughts What frequency are you on? You got the power! Change the channel if you need to!

12 What is your level of thought?
Thoughts are like seeds What are you reaping? Force be w/you

13 Thought to action….. Identify a situation that you are currently experiencing. Imagine in your mind how you would like the situation to turn out. What steps can you take to get there?

14 Challenging Situation
Get into groups of 3-4 people and discuss your scenario What could you do to make the situation positive? Challenging Situation Feelings Results you want Positive Frequency Setting

15 Review Attitude— a state of mind that can be positive or negative
True or False-attitudes are contagious? Attitudes effect organization, provide examples

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