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Red wolf Averi Harland.

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1 Red wolf Averi Harland

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
They are: Mammals Fish Birds Amphibians Reptiles

3 There are certain characteristics that make the Red Wolf a mammal.
A Red Wolf is warm-blooded. They breathe using lungs. The Red Wolf’s skin is covered in fur. The Red Wolf reproduces babies by having a live birth and feeding the babies using mother’s milk.

4 Appearance The grown up Red Wolf weighs from 45 to 80 pounds. It has short reddish brown fur. The fur can range from light tan to almost black. He has large sharp teeth to kill his prey and eat the meat. He has cream colored fur on his belly and parts of the chin, neck, chest, and legs. He has a long bushy tail. Often it is black tipped.

5 Diagram of a Red Wolf

6 Food Red wolf eat white tailed deer and raccoons, but will eat almost anything including birds, fish, snakes, lizards and fruit .Wolves almost never attack people. They swallow food in large chunks, barely chewing it.

7 Howling Wolves howl as a signal to other wolves. They tell the beginning and ending of a hunt. They let the pack know if a wolf is separated from its pack . It is used as a warning to other wolf packs to stay away. Finally, they howl simply for the fun of it.

8 Habitat The Red Wolf is an endangered species of wolf from the eastern USA. Red wolves were almost extinct during the early 1900’s. That means there would not be any more red wolves. Humans moved into areas and the red wolves lost their habitat. They like a habitat where they can run free and kill wild game.

9 Red Wolf Packs There may be many male and female wolves within a pack. Wolf packs usually have between six and eight wolves. They work like a big family. Wolf packs have one alpha male and one alpha female. They are the leaders of the pack.

10 Newborn There are usually five or six pups in a liter. When they are born, the pups weigh about one pound. The alpha female creates a den. The entire pack looks after the pups. They protect them from hawks, eagles, or other animals that might attack them.

11 Red Wolf Pictures

12 Thank you for watching my power point
Thank you for watching my power point I hope you learned a lot about the Red Wolf. If you want to learn more go to the library or the internet. ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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