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Never Pay High Rx Prices Again!

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1 Never Pay High Rx Prices Again!

2  Prescription drug prices VARY from pharmacy to pharmacy  Prescription drug prices also VARY depending on the method used to pay for them: insurance card, discount card or coupon  There’s a FREE TOOL available to help you find the LOWEST prescription drug price in your local area ? $21.79 $17.20 $15.64 $9.00 $11.50

3 Prescription pricing tool Compare prices at pharmacies near you Similar to comparing travel deals FREE EASY to use NO enrollment or registration NO personal information required

4  Doesn’t replace insurance, but is an alternate  Perfect for those on High Deductible Health Plans  Helps keep more money in your Health Savings Account  Great for specialty or non-formulary drugs not covered by insurance

5 1.Download Free App -or- Go to 2.Search for Your Prescription 3.Compare Prices at Local Pharmacies 4.Show Printed or Digital Card to Pharmacist 5.Save Instantly!

6 “I saved $50 instantly on my prescription drug.” - Alexis “I saved $400 on two medications for my kids using LowestMed!” - Melissa M. “I love this app! I was able to find my wife’s $124 prescription for $38!” - Robert T. "The blood pressure med I take is over $200.00 for 90 days with my insurance. Then, I found your app and started using it and buying my meds for under $20.00 for 90 days. " - Steve C. What People are Saying About

7 Never Pay High Rx Prices Again!

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