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Introduction to Graphic Design Unit

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1 Introduction to Graphic Design Unit
Principles of Design Introduction to Graphic Design Unit

2 Balance The distribution of an an image. Think of a scale. If a scale is BALANCED, both sides are EQUAL. We call this SYMMETRICAL.

3 Balance If the balance is UNEQUAL in an image we call it ASYMMETRICAL

4 Examples of Symmetrical Balance

5 Examples of Asymmetrical Balance

6 Balance Radial Balance is when elements radiate out from the center and are equal all around.

7 More Examples of Radial Balance

8 Contrast Contrast is the DIFFERENCE between elements in an image.
It can be shown by color, shapes, size, or location.

9 Contrast using Color

10 Contrast Using Shape

11 Contrast Using Size

12 Patterns Patterns can be made by repeating lines, shapes, and colors

13 Rhythm Visual rhythm is the repetition of lines, shapes, and forms.
It is the perception of MOVEMENT in a still image.

14 Rhythm Regular Rhythm-Identical repeating pattern

15 Rhythm

16 Rhythm Progressive Rhythm

17 Rhythm Flowing Rhythm

18 Rhythm Jazzy Rhythm

19 Emphasis Emphasis is creating a focal point. It is something that is important. This is where you want your viewer to look.

20 Unity Unity means that the elements of a image work well together

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