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25:3 War in the Pacific Bell Ringer: Skillbuilder pg. 786.

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1 25:3 War in the Pacific Bell Ringer: Skillbuilder pg. 786

2 U.S. Pacific Fleet 9 battleships 3 aircraft carriers 12 heavy cruisers 8 light cruisers 50 destroyers 33 submarines 100 patrol bombers


4 Japan’s Asian Empire

5 Philippines 1941 General Douglas MacArthur 80,000 defended against 200,000 Bataan Peninsula “I shall return”

6 Bataan Death March 75,000 Conditions and casualties


8 “Tokyo bombed. Doolittle Do’od it” 1942 Japan’s main island Bombing raid military/industrial targets moral

9 Battle of the Coral Sea 1942 Aircraft carriers Japanese want Port Moresby then Australia Who won?

10 Battle of Midway June 1942 Most important battle of the Pacific Turning point in Pacific Theater Refueling station for ships and aircraft Nimitz foils a “surprise” Jap invasion

11 Battle of Midway 1942 Jap navy never recovered U.S. moves toward Japan 4 Jap Aircraft carriers v. 1 US carrier

12 Island Hopping Leapfrogging Less fortified islands Cut supply and communication lines Move closer to Japan

13 Guadalcanal August 1942-February 1943 Solomon Islands: air, land, sea 1 st major allied offensive Henderson field U.S. supplies to Australia/New Zealand

14 19,000 marines 7100 casualties to 31,000 Turning point in the Pacific

15 Battle for Leyte Gulf October 1944 MacArthur reclaims the Philippines “People of the Philippines, I have returned” Kamikaze attacks Imperial Navy

16 Iwo Jima February 1945 Critical location Heavily defended Mount Suribachi casualties

17 Okinawa April 1945 Casualties Civilian population significance

18 Manhattan Project J. Robert Oppenheimer Atomic bomb Pros and cons

19 Hiroshima August 6, 1945 B-29 Enola Gay “Little Boy”

20 Nagasaki August 9, 1945 “Fat man”

21 VJ Day September 2, 1945 USS Missouri

22 Yalta Conference The Big Three February 1945 FDR, Churchill, Stalin Divide Germany into occupation zones Free elections in Poland and eastern Europe Creation of United Nations

23 Nuremberg War Trials Nazis on trial for crimes against humanity Established important principle

24 Occupation of Japan General MacArthur War trials: Hideki Tojo Free market revolution Democratic government MacArthur Constitution

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