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Light & Colour.

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1 Light & Colour

2 Colour White light is not a single colour; it is made up of a mixture of the seven colours of the rainbow. We can demonstrate this by splitting white light with a prism: This is how rainbows are formed: sunlight is “split up” by raindrops.

3 The colours of the rainbow:
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet R O Y G. B I V

4 Adding colours White light can be split up to make separate colours. These colours can be added together again. The primary colours of light are red, blue and green: Adding blue and red makes magenta (purple) Adding blue and green makes cyan (light blue) Adding red and green makes yellow Adding all three makes white again

5 Only red light is reflected
Seeing colour The colour an object appears depends on the colours of light it reflects. For example, a red book only reflects red light: Homework White light Only red light is reflected

6 A pair of purple pants would reflect purple light
(and red and blue, as purple is made up of red and blue): Purple light A white hat would reflect all seven colours: White light

7 Using coloured light If we look at a coloured object in coloured light we see something different. Shirt looks red White light Shorts look blue

8 In different colours of light this kit would look different:
Red light Shirt looks red Shorts look black Shirt looks black Blue light Shorts look blue

9 WHITE is the REFLECTION of all colours. And
SO>>> WHITE is the REFLECTION of all colours. And BLACK is the ABSORBTION of all colours.

10 Some further examples:
Object Colour of light Colour object seems to be Red socks Red Blue Black Green Blue teddy Green camel Magenta book Homework

11 Using filters Red Filter
Filters can be used to “block” out different colours of light: Red Filter Green Filter

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