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Set up Your SAM 2013 Account Go to: Do not type www.

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1 Set up Your SAM 2013 Account Go to: Do not type www

2 Find Your Key Code Key Code is Case Sensitive UPPER CASE vs lower case Zero (0) vs Capital O

3 Getting Started For Username type your NGU email address. Be SURE you type after the address. Enter your password Click New User

4 T2021734 Check and double check! If you use the wrong Institution Key you WILL NOT get credit for your work! Click Submit

5 Confirm that North Greenville University is shown as the Institution. Click OK

6 Key Code is One-Time Use Find and carefully enter the Key Code. This code is a One-Time Use code. Check and recheck your code. Click Save.

7 North Greenville user account North Greenville Email account Complete all fields. Use your North Greenville user account Use your North Greenville Email account Open your book to the inside cover and write down the user name and password you assigned to your SAM account!

8 Verify and Accept Review and confirm your information. If correct, click Confirm.

9 Finish creating the account Click I Agree to the Terms & Conditions in order to complete the registration process.

10 Joining a section Click Sections to join the course section you are enrolled in.

11 Joining a section Click Join a Section

12 1. Pick a Section 2. Save Choice Find and join your section. DO NOT guess. If you do not know what section you are in, please ask. Don’t forget step number two. This will save your choice.

13 Verify that you have joined the correct section.

14 Go Back to Start up Screen Click Activities to view a list of assignments. Be careful with the four orange buttons. They turn activities on and off. Be careful with these buttons. They turn activities on and off.

15 Calendar Grid View List View Explore others areas of the site. You currently have 6 projects assigned. These projects all relate to Microsoft Word 2013. When completing the assignments, there is a training link that will give you all the instructions for completing the task. In the beginning you have 3 tries to get the best score. The highest score is the one that will be counted.

16 Sign out of your SAM Account Sign back in to check your work

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