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Penetration Testing Biometric System

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1 Penetration Testing Biometric System
By FB1H2S aka Rahul Sasi

2 Who am I ? What is this paper about ?
I am an Info Security Enthusiast Rahul Sasi aka FB1H2S working as a consultant . Active participant of Null and other computing groups. A member of Garage4Hackers. What this paper contains ?

3 Explaining the Risk? Finger print deployed every where, attendance and door management. Advantages and Disadvantages of Bio-systems. The devices hold critical information. Employee Attendance Employee Details Employee Salary

4 Why to audit them ? I am marked 10 days absent , what the |-|3ll is happening! I just Hacked into Biometric Attendance Register and Changed attendance and salary :D of mine and Professor / Not so good co-worker Student / Employee

5 Classifying the Attacks
Local Attacks: Finger Print Sensor USB Data Manager Remote Attacks: Remote IP Management Back End Database Finger Print Manager (Admin Interface)

6 Biometric System Attack Vectors

7 Biometric Systems Common Applications
Reliable attendance managing system. Biometric Finger print guarded doors, implemented for keyless secure access to doors.

8 Attacks: The Non Technical part

9 Local Attack: Finger print sensor
Finger print scanners read input using two methodologies: 1) Optical scanner 2) Capacitance scanner Finger print recognition systems are image matching algorithms Cloning a duplicate finger print and cheating the image recognition algorithms

10 Steeling a Finger Print
Your finger impressions falls any were you touch. Ex: on glass

11 My Approach: Finger Print Logger
Biometric sensor looks like this. Placing a thin less refractive index transparent object in front of the sensor and logging finger prints.

12 Building Finger print logger
Refraction: Use Less refractive index thin transparent sheet Log the victims fingerprint using the finger print logger

13 Steps Building Logger

14 Special Points to be Considered

15 Reproducing a Fake Finger print:

16 Local Attack: USB Data Manager.
Biometrics devices have inbuilt data storage, were it stores the Finger print and user information. USB support in order to download and upload finger prints and other log detail to and from the device. Most of the devices do not have any sort of protection mechanism employed to prevent data theft, and those which uses password protection often is deployed with default password.

17 Attacks: The Technical part

18 Remote Attack Vectors.

19 Remote Attack Vectors IP implementation for data transfer
Biometric Management Servers Biometric Admin/Interface (Web Based and Desktop based ) Back end Database Man In The Middle Attacks

20 TCP/IP Implementation for Remote Management:

21 Remote Administration Implementation
Issues The remote administration capability of this device lets biometric servers to authenticate to it and manage remotely. We are completely unaware of the management protocol used as the program is embedded in the Biometric MIPS device. Solutions The admin application knows everything about the remote device so if we could get a copy of that application it will tell us everything we want.

22 Example Attack Attacking the remote management protocol Example.
Situation: The remote administration implementation is unknown. Foot printing: The label on the Biometric device will reveal which company has marketed or build that product. Download a copy of remote management software from vendor site

23 Example Attack Reverse Engineering the Application
Reflector used to disassemble the .Net application Detected TCP/IP setting of device used to communication, It uses port 4370 to communicate

24 Application uses COM objects which interacts with Device
IDA used for dissembling the COM objects Disassembling Import function shows the communication details

25 Example Device Command extracted
Commands to set the device time remotely

26 Auditing Back End Database
From disassembling we were able to find local database password file and encryption key hardcoded in the application.

27 Biometric Admin/Interface (Web Based and Desktop based )
Another possible point of attacks are on the admin interface, these are either desktop based or Web based. Desktop based applications are common and the possible chances to interact with them require local privileges on the Biometric server. But web based admin panels could be attacked form outside. So an application check on those modules for application vulnerabilities could also help.

28 Nmap Script: Detecting Biometric Devices on Network:
How to detect these device on network for attacking? Nmap Script Output.

29 Attack Videos

30 Conclusion The risk and vulnerabilities associated with Biometric Device are explained. This shows the necessity of including these devices to the scope of a Network Audit.

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