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Full Dress Rehearsal (FDR1) studies Sarah Allwood-Spiers 11/3/2008.

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1 Full Dress Rehearsal (FDR1) studies Sarah Allwood-Spiers 11/3/2008

2 Datasets used So far: –3075,3077,3078,3079 in egamma stream fdr08_run1.000XXXX.StreamEgamma.merge.AOD.o1_r12_t1 (in /data/atlas07/sallwood/FDRtest) –These should be for lumi 10 31, passing triggers: e15i (prescale 25) e25i 2e15i e15i&mu10i Cheating… d2q_get to retrieve AOD files

3 Tools used / attempted Initially used AthenaROOTAccess, with v13.0.30 on lxplus –offers several ways to write an interactive analysis, but I didn’t really want this. Allows you to access Athena POOL directly from ROOT, without using Athena framework (but actually quite similar to writing Athena analysis, since Atlas software converters and transient classes are needed). Back to good old UserAnalysis/AnalysisSkeleton – in version on glasgow machines (installed by Stan on /data/atlasb01/software/AtlasProduction – thanks!) –source cmthome/ –tag=AtlasProduction,,gcc323,32 –write code in AnalysisSkeleton, produce ntuple. To access trigger information, using TrigDecisionTool: instructions at combined with do now work. Needed to check out TrigConfigSvc-00-01-09-04, and add some extra lines in my jobOptions to get Conditions DB needed by FDR data. sort-of tried ganga (my feeble attempt: following, and GangaTutorial43 from the glasgow machines. Simple ganga example worked, but my AnalysisSkeleton failed) – job for today/tomorrow.

4 Trigger TrigDecisionTool gives access to trigger info, but for FDR, trigger decision is before prescales. Should be able to access the prescales with the latest TrigDecisionTool – not tried yet. Should also be able to access ROI for a trigger and match to reconstructed objects.

5 Bumpy Jets Jet 1 Jet 2 Jet 4 Jet 3 these are known about (M.Wilson, 15.2.08 Atlas week) - is there a solution?

6 Electrons and Etmiss All electrons Loose Medium Tight MET_RefFinal ?

7 Finding (?) Z’s and W’s Z candidate reconstructed from e+ and e- (Medium electrons, pt>25GeV) 75 events pass out of 33074. Nice peak at 90GeV, almost no effort W transverse mass from MET_RefFinal and tight electron candidates (neglect crack, pt>25GeV for e and MET) 804 “W” candidates Nothing like a transverse mass plot , but then the etmiss is nothing like an etmiss distribution… Z transverse mass, as a check of my calculation:

8 Plans Use ganga Put a log of my (sensible) attempts online – setting up, using TrigDecisionTool etc. Finish “analysis”, muons, bjets, finding top candidates Try out top group’s D2PD, D3PD (produced using TopView)

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