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Classification of Matter

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1 Classification of Matter

2 Matter All Matter is made of atoms. Tiny particles Think of letters
Each letter is unique, and can be arranged to form different words Ex: A, F, C, T – Fact, Tac, Fat, Cat, etc.

3 Pure Substances Element composed of identical atoms
EX: copper wire, aluminum foil

4 Pure Substances Compound
composed of 2 or more different elements in a fixed ratio properties differ from those of individual elements EX: table salt (NaCl)

5 Molecules Molecule Two or more atoms chemical bonded together
Does not have to contain different atoms This means, all compounds are molecules, but not all molecules are compounds Ex: H2 (Hydrogen), O2 (Oxygen), N2 (Nitrogen)

6 Mixtures Variable combination of 2 or more pure substances.
Heterogeneous Homogeneous

7 Mixtures Solution homogeneous very small particles
particles don’t settle EX: rubbing alcohol

8 Mixtures Heterogeneous medium-sized to large- sized particles
particles may or may not settle EX: milk, fresh-squeezed lemonade

9 Mixtures Examples: Answers: tea muddy water fog saltwater
Italian salad dressing Answers: Solution Heterogeneous

10 Can it be physically separated?
Matter Flowchart MATTER yes no Can it be physically separated? MIXTURE PURE SUBSTANCE Is the composition uniform? no yes Can it be chemically decomposed? no yes Homogeneous Mixture (solution) Heterogeneous Mixture Compound Element

11 Matter Flowchart Examples: element hetero. mixture compound solution
graphite pepper sugar (sucrose) paint soda element hetero. mixture compound solution

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