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Please Take a Seat! Sociology Mr. Schultz.

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1 Please Take a Seat! Sociology Mr. Schultz

2 Game Plan for Today: Correct seat Personal Profile Information
Syllabus: Signature due Tuesday Missed and Late Work procedures Note-taking guides Pretest – How much do you already know about Sociology? Begin introduction to Sociology

3 Journal Entry #1 Copy AND Answer August 27, 2012 Monday
What is the definition of Sociology? * Pg. 4 in textbook OR syllabus may help What is the importance of learning Sociology? What would you like to learn in this class?

4 The Sociological Point of View
Chapter 1: Section 1 Sociology

5 Review Questions 1. When is tutoring available for Sociology?
2. What is the policy for late homework assignments? 3. Where can I find the previous day’s assignments? 4. In your own words, what would you consider a “society” to be? Agenda: Course Prospectus slips, School Society, Chapter 1.1 Schpill, Other Social Sciences

6 Objectives: Describe what sociology is and explain what it means to have a sociological imagination. Explain how sociology is similar to and different from other social sciences.

7 Society so·ci·e·ty people in general thought of as living together in organized communities with shared laws, traditions, and values the people of a particular country, area, time, etc., thought of especially as an organized community ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary

8 The science that studies human society and social behavior.
Before we begin… After reading the official definition of sociology… WHY do you think sociology is important?? The science that studies human society and social behavior.

9 Few important definitions:
Sociology: Social science that studies human society and social behavior. Social sciences: Disciplines that study human social behavior or institutions and functions of human society in a scientific manner. Social interaction: How people react to one another and influence each other’s behavior.

10 SOCIAL...OLOGY Sociologists focus on the group rather than individuals by examining social phenomena: Observable facts or events that involve human society.

11 The Sociological Perspective:
A viewing of the behavior of groups in a systematic way. Allows you to see beyond your own day-to-day life by viewing the world through other’s eyes. Can look beyond commonly held beliefs to the hidden meanings behind human actions.

12 What does it mean to have a sociological imagination???

13 Sociological Imagination:
Ability to see the connection between the larger world and our personal lives. (Term developed by C. Wright Mills)

14 Sociological Imagination Example:

15 How might a sociologist view the interconnection of this closed factory and homeless person?

16 Quick Activity: Complete on note-taking guide
Create your OWN example of sociological imagination. (Quick sketch)

17 Few More Terms: Anthropology:
The comparative study of past and present cultures.

18 Psychology: Science that deals with the behavior and thinking of organisms. Includes personality, perception, motivation, and learning. Social Psychology: The study of how the social environment affects an individual’s behavior and personality.

19 Economics: Study of the choices people make in an effort to satisfy their needs and wants. The processes of which goods and services are produced, distributed, and consumed.

20 Political Science: History:
Study of the organization and operation of governments. History: Study of past events.

21 Comparing Sociology and other Social Sciences:
Similar: Examines the relations between society and culture. Different: Sociology focuses on groups rather than individuals.

22 What might a sociologist find interesting about this image
What might a sociologist find interesting about this image? How might this view differ from other social scientists?

23 What would be your concern?
You will be assigned a social science and topic. Develop at least 3 questions that your discipline would address according to your topic. GROUP #1: Crime: Sociology History GROUP #2: Psychology Economics GROUP #3: Family Relationships: Anthropology GROUP #4: GROUP #5: Education: Political Science/Gov’t

24 Homework due Tomorrow:
Read pages 9-14 Answer Questions 3 & 4

25 Begin Chapter 1:2 Sociology: Then & Now

26 Focus and Review #2 August 28, 2012 COPY AND ANSWER
How many Unit/Topic/Themes are there in Sociology? Indicate the “Chapter” for Unit V. What is the “Benchmark” for Unit VI? Which unit interests you the most AND why? Syllabus signed??? Place note-taking guide 1:1 on your desk

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