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By Kyle Kogl Standard Advanced Enterprise Be Successful With ( 877) 932-2382.

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1 By Kyle Kogl Standard Advanced Enterprise Be Successful With ( 877) 932-2382

2  Continually monitor the insurance market from the independent agent's point of view to expand our line of solutions to meet the needs of the modern insurance agency.  EZLynx ® develops industry-leading cloud-based software for the insurance industry. Our software has helped independent agents operate their businesses more effectively for over ten years  EZLynx is proud to be the innovators of several products that, previously, the insurance industry had never seen, including: Real-time rating, Agency Pulse™, Policy Sync, eSignature integration, and a unified rating and management system. 877) 932-2382

3  The days of entering consumer information individually into each carrier's system is over. One-time data entry in EZLynx yields dozens of comparative quotes in just seconds.  Our web-based technology allows you to get instantaneous quotes from 169 carriers in 48 states. Comparative cross-carrier quoting has never been this easy. 877) 932-2382

4  As you get more and more information on your book of business it becomes increasingly important that data aids in your daily workflow rather than hinder it.  The EZLynx Agency Management System allows you to maximize your agency's potential by increasing your ability to retain current customers while acquiring new business.  Find all of your customer's quotes, policies, and documents in one organized place and easily remarket with up-to-date information that is synced from your daily policy downloads. 877) 932-2382

5  Online Document Signing- Set up a quick document to send to your client, and have them sign. It’s easy and sends directly to your client.  Accounting- Make your process simply with direct bill support, graduated commission structure, split-commission tracking and more. 877) 932-2382

6  24/7/365 access to their policy documents and ID cards. With Client Center, your customers can print & share confidential documents easily and securely online, as well as request policy changes and view coverage's. 877) 932-2382

7  With marketing targeted products like EZLynx Agency Websites,EZLynx Consumer Quoting, and EZLynx Marketing Campaigns, your agency will be able to attract and gain business that may have been inaccessible.EZLynx Agency WebsitesEZLynx Consumer Quoting  The Gold website package's local SEO to help generate traffic to your EZLynx Agency Website, and then collect leads there through Consumer Quoting. Now that you have a new lead, you can reach out to them with email marketing campaigns to follow up on their quote results. 877) 932-2382

8  Help’s you maintain the business you already have by helping you do your day to day tasks more efficiently. With EZLynx Management System you'll have daily downloads keeping your database up-to-date.EZLynx Management System  EZLynx Rating Engine powers it all, so you know that when you are ready to quote or re- quote for remarketing, you'll get fast, accurate, comparative rates. EZLynx Rating Engine 877) 932-2382

9  EZLynx loves to aid agencies with retention. After all its the easiest way to keep a steady revenue.  Keep in touch with current customers without spending hours on the phone or at your desk typing emails, by setting up automated Marketing Campaigns.  We know its also important to you to keep your customers happy, so we developed EZLynx Client Center to automate customer service through your agency's website. Not only does that free up agency time answering service requests, but allows your customers to access their information 24/7/365. 877) 932-2382

10  To solve this problem we created our flagship product, EZLynx Rating Engine, and in doing so pioneered the concept of real-time rating.  Rating Engine enables insurance agents to generate accurate, real-time rate quotes from multiple insurance companies’ sites with a single data entry point.  EZLynx Rating Engine still remains the leading real-time solution vendor for independent agents, with more than 19,000 agencies relying on EZYLNX to provide more than 4 million home, auto, and package transactions every month in 48 states with 169 insurance companies. 877) 932-2382

11  v=RGk1K8TLUs4 877) 932-2382

12 Standard Package  Start up fee $600  200/month  Advanced Website  Management System  Outlook  Add Text Messaging for only $25/month 877) 932-2382

13  Start up fee $750  $374/month  The advanced website with more pages  More designs and fonts for the website  Includes live quoting for facebook 877) 932-2382

14  Start up fee $1500  $474/month  Advanced Website with more pages, and designs.  SEO, Search Engine Optimization. 877) 932-2382

15  Get your business started with EZYLNX today. (877) 932-2382

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