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PCEA THIKA TOWN CHURCH STRATEGIC PLAN 2015-2020 PREAMBLE The PCEA Thika Town Church Strategic Plan summarizes what we intend to accomplish in the five.

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3 PREAMBLE The PCEA Thika Town Church Strategic Plan summarizes what we intend to accomplish in the five years period, 2015- 2020, and how we shall direct the Church resources towards accomplishing the set strategic priorities. The key goal of this Strategic Plan is to strengthen the capacity of the Church to serve our members and achieve our vision and mission.

4 The Strategic Plan will also seek to achieve the Church’s self- sustainability in key components of ministry’s service delivery, finance, management and governance, human resource, information technology, and infrastructural development.


6 MISSION STATEMENT A church that displays the love of Christ, bringing people of all walks of life to Him through creative services, discipleship and outreach.

7 CORE VALUES  Inclusion  Spiritual Transformation  Stewardship  Creativity and Innovation  Self-reliance

8  Integrity, Transparency and Accountability  Discipleship and Mentorship  Teamwork and Unity of Purpose  Upholding Family Values  Democratic Governance

9 STRATEGIC DIRECTION STRATEGIC PRIORITY AREAS 1.Finances 2.Infrastructure and Facilities 3.Technological Development 4.Leadership 5.Internal Governance and Management Systems

10 6.Quality of Worship 7.Church Ministries 8.Structured, Progressive and Inclusive Outreach Ministry 9.Retention, Discipleship and Mentorship Programmes 10.Security

11 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES AND GOALS A.WORSHIP GOAL 1 To create an extra- ordinary and spirit filled worship experience.

12 OBJECTIVE To create a gathering point of worship that equips the believer and builds an overcoming church.

13 B.OUTREACH AND MISSION GOAL 2  To develop an outreach and mission ministry that is multi- generational with the objective of soul winning and disciple making within the parish and beyond.

14 OBJECTIVE To improve church outreach and mission opportunities through evangelism in order to reach out to the community and enhance church growth.

15 C.SPIRITUAL FORMATION GOAL 3  To design a comprehensive spiritual formation program.

16  OBJECTIVE  To prepare, energize and sustain the congregation with a life of spiritual formation.

17 D. CHURCH MINISTRIES GOAL 4 To promote an inclusive, strong and empowered different church ministries for the service of God and humanity.

18 GOAL  To establish a progressive and integrative children ministry. a)CHILDREN MINISTRY

19 OBJECTIVES 1.To develop best possible programmes and curriculum that discovers and utilizes children’s gifts and talents and offers spiritual foundation. 2.Increase children’s participation in worship and other co-curricular activities.

20 b) YOUTH MINISTRY GOAL  To raise a vibrant and active youth ministry that will impact lives and offer active leadership in the church.

21 OBJECTIVE To establish a strong youth ministry that is all inclusive and progressive with a global impact for Christ.

22 c) WOMEN MINISTRY GOAL To establish a women’s ministry that loves God passionately, disciples and addresses the spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical and social needs of women, church and community. 

23 OBJECTIVE To establish a women’s ministry that would preach, nurture, facilitate and reach out to the community as they address societal needs.

24 d) MEN MINISTRY GOAL  To unleash the potential of men to serve God and mankind with all their talents, treasures and resources.

25  OBJECTIVES  To support the spread of the gospel and fostering Christ centered fellowship among men.

26 e) MINISTRY TO PERSONS WITH DIFFERENT ABILITIES GOAL  To create an environment that is inclusive of people differently abled and to offer platforms for their participation in the church and to have their issues addressed.

27  OBJECTIVE  To be sensitive to and accurately represent the views of persons differently abled and to involve them in church activities.

28 F.SOCIAL MINISTRY  GOAL 5  To create social ministry opportunities for small groups and church wide events that will engage people of all ages.

29  OBJECTIVE  To engage people in social events, special events and friend raising events that provides a sense of fellowship among participants resulting in deeper faith and stronger commitment to the vision and mission of the church.

30 G.LEADERSHIP AND HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 6  To recruit and retain a diverse group of servant leaders and competent human resource who will lead a broad base of ministry opportunities and effective service delivery across all areas of the church based on the Practices and Procedure of the PCEA church.

31  OBJECTIVE  To realize a visionary, innovative and transformative leadership framework that is visible, open and transparent.  To adopt best human resource management practices in the service of the church.

32 H.FINANCE, PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT GOAL 7  To realize increased revenue for a sound fiscal health, long term sustainability of development projects and maintenance of existing facilities of the church.

33 OBJECTIVE 1.To adopt sound financial plan that maintains best financial practices and support development initiatives. 2.To attain a parish status in the next two years.

34 I.STEWARDSHIP GOAL 8  To be good stewards of resources and talents.

35  OBJECTIVE  To adopt more effective and creative ways of stewardship.

36 J. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY GOAL 9  To adopt and maintain technological infrastructure that would support the core functions, mandate and raise visibility of the church.

37 OBJECTIVE To provide and maintain modern information and communication technology that would be incorporated into worship and service delivery.

38 k. GOVERNANCE GOAL 10  To maintain an efficient and systematic governance structure that provides effective oversight of the vision, mission, and financial operations of the church guided by the Strategic Plan and in line with the Practice and Procedure of the PCEA Church.

39 OBJECTIVE To develop effective, equitable, transparent governance and management systems/frameworks in all units of the church.


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