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Course Technology Student Navigation Guide. Step 1 – Initial Login Screen ►

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1 Course Technology Student Navigation Guide

2 Step 1 – Initial Login Screen ►

3 Step 2 – New Users ► New Users will click on New User Registration.

4 Step 3 – User Registration ► The student will fill in the user registration section with all of the required fields.  Username/Password: Use the SAME username and password as you already have setup for Blackboard/Owl Link. This will make remembering your information very easy.

5 Step 4 – My Account ► The student account should now be successfully created. Your account information will appear and an Edit option will also be available if changes are needed.

6 Step 5 – Registration Confirmation ► You may edit or continue (confirm) the user profile

7 Step 6 – Select Product ► Select CaseGrader for Office 2007 by marking the check box and then adding the key code. (Key codes came with their textbook) Select “submit” at the bottom of the page.

8 Step 7 – Join A Class ► L ogin to CaseGrader.   Click Join a Class.

9 Step 8 – Class Code ► Enter the Class Code that was provided by your instructor.

10 Step 9 – Class Verification ► Verify that you are in the correct section and then click Continue.

11 Going Home ► Click Home to get back to the main page.

12 My Account Screen  From the My Account screen the student will click the CaseGrader for Office 2007 link to access their assignments.

13 CaseGrader Home Page  The student will see all of their assignments listed. You will choose the assignment link that corresponds to the what the instructor has told you.

14 Case Download screen  Once a case is selected, you will click the link and begin to download the start file and the case instructions. Once that is completed you will begin working in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2007.

15 Case Upload for Grading  Once you complete your case, you will need to log into CaseGrader, select the case you have completed and browse for the file to upload.

16 Assignment Uploaded ► Congratulations, you have completed the assignment and can now access your grades in the Gradebook.

17 Gradebook ► Select Gradebook from the My Account screen and then select the class you wish to view. Your Gradebook page should appear.

18 Technical Support ► Technical Support via email is available 24/7: ► Technical Support via telephone: Monday - Thursday: 8:30am ET - 12:00 am ET Friday: 8:30am ET - 6:30pm ET Sunday: 4pm ET – 12:00am ET Phone: 800-648-7450, option #4

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