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The Executive Departments Carry out much of the work of the executive branch Have huge staffs with multibillion dollar budgets Each department is responsible.

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1 The Executive Departments Carry out much of the work of the executive branch Have huge staffs with multibillion dollar budgets Each department is responsible for a certain area of government Head of the department is called the secretary (exception: Justice Department- Attorney General) and is a member of the cabinet

2 Development of the Cabinet Cabinet not mentioned in the Constitution President Washington asked Congress for funding for three executive offices immediately after taking office President chooses the secretaries, but they must be approved by the Senate 15 departments in all Secretaries only give advice to the President- no real power

3 Department of State helps the President develop a plan for dealing with foreign countries Manages relationships between the United States and other countries gathers information to help the President understand events and issues in different parts of the world Sets up American embassies in other nations to handle the details of foreign relations with a particular country

4 Set up consulates in foreign nations to help protect Americans working or traveling abroad Consulates also help improve American business opportunities and interests in foreign countries Issues passports to American travelers Issues visas to foreign visitors

5 Department of the Treasury Handles the nation’s money Secretary of the Treasury is an important financial advisor to the President Divisions carry out specific jobs: -Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collects income taxes -Customs collects import taxes -Bureau of the Mint designs and makes coins -Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints money

6 Some divisions of the Treasury perform tasks that are not directly related to money Example: Secret Service was originally designed to find counterfeiters but now also provides security for the President, Vice President and their families

7 Department of Defense Originally, two executive departments: The Department of War and the Department of the Navy Overseas the military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force) Largest department in the Executive Branch Each service has its own division called sub- departments

8 Secretaries of the sub-departments and Secretary of the Defense may not be an officer of the military Joint Chiefs of Staff are the highest ranking military officers and they consult with the President on military decisions

9 Department of of the Interior Established in 1849 to manage the westward expansion Today, primarily responsible for the conservation of the nation’s public land and natural resources Examples: National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs

10 Department of Justice Head is called the Attorney General, not Secretary Originally was the nation’s lawyer and represented the United States Government in court (today, the Attorney General rarely appears in court) Includes a wide range of law enforcement Examples: FBI, Bureau of Prisons, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)

11 Department of Agriculture Also known as the USDA Job is to help farmers and the consumers of farm products Distributes food stamps to needy Conservation of soil on farms Forest Service maintains the national forests

12 Department of Commerce Encourages the growth of American business Supervises international trade, promotes tourism and business, and collects information about the country’s economic activities Examples: Bureau of the Census, National Patent and Trademark Office, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (division called the National Weather Service)

13 Department of Labor Established to enforce laws against unfair labor practices Division called OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) sets health and safety standards that employers must meet to protect their workers Unemployment Insurance Service

14 Department of Health and Human Services Concerned with the welfare and health of Americans Examples: Social Security Administration, Family Support Administration, Public Health Service (includes the division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

15 Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Operates programs that distribute federal grants to state and local programs for the rebuilding of slums, improve neighborhoods, and to build low income housing Also works with cities and towns to help them plan for growth

16 Department of Transportation Manages the country’s highways, railroads, airlines, and sea traffic Promotes transportation safety Operates the Coast Guard

17 Department of Energy Created after an “energy crisis”- shortage of gasoline and oil in 1973 Works out and directs an overall energy policy for the nation Regulates the development and use of United State’s oil and gas reserves Conducts research to find ways to use energy resources more efficiently Regulates the nation’s nuclear power industry

18 Department of Education Offers advice and assistance to the states on education Distributes federal money to states and school districts to help fund programs such as: bilingual education, health and drug education, vocational training Helps schools meet the needs of special education (disadvantaged or disability)

19 Department of Veteran Affairs Also known as the Veterans Administration Helps living Americans that have served in the armed forces receive special services from the government: inexpensive life insurance, financial aid for education, medical care for disabilities received while serving

20 Department of Homeland Security Dedicated to protecting America from terrorism

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