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Focus on Genre Poetry Poems can create songs without music,

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1 Focus on Genre Poetry Poems can create songs without music,
pictures without paint, and feelings with just a few words.

2 A poem describes things, shares a feeling, and tells a story.
A poem has a rhythm, or pattern of beats, like a song. A poem may by made of parts, or stanzas. The words in a poem may make a shape. A poem’s words may rhyme----- but not all the time. Turn the page to see and hear what poems do!

3 April Rain Song Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk. The rain makes running pools in the gutter. The rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night---- And I love the rain. by Langston Hughes

4 Joe We feed the birds in winter, And outside in the snow
We have a tray of many seeds For many birds of many breeds And one gray squirrel named Joe. But Joe comes early, Joe comes late, And all the birds Must stand and wait. And waiting there for Joe to go Is pretty cold work in the snow. by David McCord

5 Sneeze There’s it’s a a kind of a which I
sort of a quivery wiggle cannot tickle shiver that starts as a suppress the size of a the shape of a jiggle any longer nickel, sliver, and joggles I guess, a bit like the like eels in a its way to a so pardon me, prickle river; tease, please, of sweet-sour while I pickle; sneeze. by Maxine Kumin

6 Cloud Dragons What do you see in the clouds so high?
What do you see in the sky? Oh, I see dragons that curl their tails as they go slithering by. What do you see? Tell me, do. Oh, I see caballitos that race the wind high in the shimmering blue. by Pat Mora

7 What do you SEE?

8 giraffe T r e e – tall giraffe u p t o h i s n c k in brown and yellow
patchwork quilts, turns t and hobbles away a on wooden i s s s s l t t t t i i i I l l l l t t t t s s s s by J. Patrick Lewis giraffe

9 Spaghetti! Spaghetti! Spaghetti! spaghetti! Spaghetti! spaghetti!
You’re wonderful stuff, I love you a lot, I love you spaghetti, you’re slishy, you’re sloshy I can’t get enough delicious and hot. You’re covered with sauce I gobble you down and you’re sprinkled with cheese, oh, I can’t get enough, spaghetti! spaghetti! spaghetti! spaghetti! oh, give me some please You’re wonderful stuff. Spaghetti! spaghetti! by Jack Prelutsky piled high in a mound, you wiggle, you wriggle, you squiggle around. There’s slurpy spaghetti all over my plate, spaghetti! spaghetti! I think you are great.

10 ANDRE I had a dream last night. I dreamed I had to pick a Mother out.
I had to choose a Father too. At first, I wondered what to do, There were so many there, it seemed, Short and tall and thin and stout. But just before I sprang awake, I knew what parents I would take. And this surprised and made me glad: They were the ones I always had! By Gwendolyn Brooks

11 The Bat by Douglas Florian The bat is batty as can be.
It sleeps all day in cave or tree, And when the sun sets in the sky, It rises from its rest to fly. All night this mobile mammal mugs A myriad of flying bugs. And after its night out on the town, The batty bat sleeps by Douglas Florian Upside down.

12 If I Were an Ant Suppose I were an ant__ I’d be lazy for sure. And I wouldn’t save my food__ I’d eat lots. by Hitomi Takeshi

13 Books Los libros oversized passports that let us travel anywhere
anytime and keep on dreaming. Los libros pasaportes de talla mayor que nos permiten viajar a dondequiera cuandoquiera y no dejar de soñar. by Francisco X. Alarcón

14 SHOW FISH I found a flounder and I thought, “Swell,
I’ll take it to school for show and tell.” But I forgot, for quite a spell, To take it to school for show and tell, And now it’s two weeks later….Well…. I’ll take it to school for show and smell. by Shel Silverstein

15 Websites: Shel Silverstein
Websites: Scholastic Listen to Jack Prelutsky read his poetry. Websites: Shel Silverstein

16 beats A poem can have rhythm, or a pattern of beats, like music.
pulses that are the basic units of rhythm, used in both poetry and music beats A poem can have rhythm, or a pattern of beats, like music. Synonym: rhythm

17 lines rows of words printed or written across a page or column
A poem has lines that sometimes are arranged to form a shape. Synonym: verses

18 pattern Synonym: sequence
a combination of features, actions, or events that are repeated in a recognizable arrangement pattern Poems, like songs, have rhythm and a beat. Poets sometimes repeat words or lines to help make a pattern so you can hear the rhythm. Synonym: sequence

19 rhyme to agree or correspond in sound
Many poets use rhyme in their poems, like cat and hat, show and flow, and beach and peach.

20 rhythm a series of pulses that repeat in a regular order
A poem that has a musical rhythm is easy to memorize and recite. Synonyms: beat pace tempo

21 stanzas groups of lines that make up divisions of a poem
Many poems have four lines in each of the stanzas. Synonyms: canto

22 imagery words or phrases that help readers make pictures in their mind
Imagery, word pictures, is an element of poetry that is very powerful to the reader. The reader should use visualizing while reading poetry. Synonym: descriptions

23 several words that begin with the same sound and are next to each other or close together
alliteration The tongue twister Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers is difficult to say due to alliteration.

24 words that sound like the noise they stand for
onomatopoeia Pop, fizz, hiss, buzz, and gargle are examples of onomatopoeia.

25 using the same word more than once in a poem
repetition Rap and poetry are closely related. Many of the elements of a good poem----repetition, rhyming patterns, and rhythm are important to rap. Synonyms: recurrence duplication

26 mood the way a poem makes a person feel Synonyms: tone feeling
For a happy mood in a poem, the author would use words that represent happiness, like cheerful, sunshine, lollipops, and puppy dogs. Synonyms: tone feeling

27 simile comparing one thing to another using like or as
As fit as a fiddle and as hungry as a bear are examples of similes.

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