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Strengths Finder Activity

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1 Strengths Finder Activity
Who am I? Strengths Finder Activity

2 Objectives: Today I will be able to:
Identify personality themes and how they relate to me Match my personality themes with possible career interests Further examine my career goals

3 Quick Survey! Complete a brief questionnaire to gather your thoughts on personality strengths

4 Naviance Family Connection
Login to Naviance Family Connection

5 Click on the “About Me “ Tab

6 Directions Continued…..
Then click on “Strengths Explorer” Answer all questions…….

7 Personality Themes…. Handout- Raise your hand if you identified as Achieving…… Caring…… Organizer……………

8 Next Steps Identify three careers for examination and evaluation. Answer questions Handout: Focus on You Find a partner and discuss what you have learned

9 Wrap it up! Brief Survey Closing Thoughts………

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