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Bienvenue à la classe de français!

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1 Bienvenue à la classe de français!
FSF 3U/4U Mlle Beaugrand

2 Course Information You will use oral speaking, listening, reading and writing You will read authentic articles and stories ranging from one page to a full novel You will build your vocabulary on topics such as la francophonie, awareness of issues that affect us, advertising, yourself, your family and your friends You will work individually and in groups Your final mark will be made of: 70% from work during the semester (tests, quizzes, assignments, presentations etc) 30% from the final examination (in-class test & written project)

3 Course Materials The textbooks will be kept in class
If you need to take a textbook home to complete homework or a project, please sign it out on the board Bring your binder to class EVERYDAY There are dictionaries in class but it is recommended to get your own French-English dictionary to use at home It is recommended that you download the free Word Reference App to help with translating words and phrases.

4 Course Info 70% of your final mark is based on course work throughout the semester (quizzes/tests, presentations, dialogues and projects). All summative assessments assigned must be completed to be successful in this class 30% of your final mark will be based on the final evaluation in-class test written project oral component

5 Attendance and Punctuality
You are expected to be in class, on time, everyday. You must arrive, ready to work when the bell rings You must ask permission (en français) if you need to leave the classroom to use the washroom or for any other reason You are responsible for making up all material missed (including tests) if you are absent. Look at the class website or ask a classmate before class If you know you will miss a class, let me know before that class so you can be given work to complete

6 Electronic Devices Under no circumstances are cell phones permitted in this classroom unless you have prior permission the only exception to this rule is to use the Word Reference App – you MUST ASK before taking your phone out or I will confiscate it. iPods and MP3 players may be used only during individual work time and must be turned off during lessons, presentations and tests If I see any cell phone in class, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day Continued presence of cell phones in class will result in increasingly severe consequences

7 Class website Today’s information, along with daily lessons, announcements and useful links will be posted on the class website If you miss class, you are responsible for finding out what you missed by checking the website

8 RESPECT! Class Rules Respect for the teacher
Respect for your classmates Respect for the classroom What does this look like? Brainstorm!

9 When RESPECT is lost… Together, let’s decide what appropriate actions can be taken when there is a lack of respect in the classroom Behaviour Contract

10 How to be successful in French
Come to every class prepared – what does this mean? Cahier, binder, pencil/pen, paper Homework/assignments completed Positive attitude! Hand in assignments on time Study for tests Take good, organized notes in class Come in for extra help if you are having trouble – don’t wait until it’s too late!

11 Oral Communication There will be an added focus on oral communication
You will be expected to participate in all class discussions and activities CEFR: What is it? -> It’s a global framework for learning a language with the focus on teaching speaking and culture Don’t worry about saying everything perfectly correct when speaking – we learn by making mistakes! CEFR’s goal is to increase the AMOUNT you speak in French before improving the QUALITY of your speaking.

12 Late Policy – French Dep’t
Note: Online translators are NOT permitted for ANY assignments and will result in you re-doing an alternate assignment If an assignment is not submitted on time, the Continuous Communication Policy will be put in place Consequences of not submitting assignments by the due date will get increasingly severe with each occurrence You will be required to come in for lunch detention everyday until the assignment is submitted Same goes for assignments submitted that are less than a Level 1

13 Any Questions?

14 What’s YOUR True Colour?
This is another personality test It groups people into 4 different categories based on answers to questions Fill in the sheet to determine your True Colour!

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