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L EADERSHIP Introduction to Business and Technology.

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1 L EADERSHIP Introduction to Business and Technology

2 W HAT IS LEADERSHIP ? The ability to motivate individuals and groups to accomplish important goals.

3 C HARACTERISTICS OF EFFECTIVE LEADERS Jot down a list of characteristics you think effective leaders have. Characteristic Understanding Initiative Dependability Judgment Objectivity Confidence Stability Cooperation Honesty Courage Communication Intelligence

4 H UMAN RELATION SKILLS Self -Understanding Understand your strength and weaknesses Understanding Others Accepting differences and realizing similarities Communication Essential skill-all types including internal/external, vertical/horizontal, oral, and written Team Building Understand each other, identify, and solve problems Developing Job-Satisfaction Pay attention to employees’ needs and concerns

5 T YPES OF INFLUENCE A LEADER MAY POSSESS Types of Influence Description Position InfluenceAbility to get others to accomplish a task because of his/her position Reward InfluenceResults from leader’s ability to give or withhold rewards. Expert InfluenceWhen a group of members recognize and appreciate a leader’s expertise in a specific area. Identity InfluencePersonal trust and respect from members based on who the leader is.

6 F ORMAL AND I NFORMAL I NFLUENCE Formal Results from organization’s structure Based on position Ex. Managers Informal Results from personal characteristics of a leader Ex. Group project at school, one person emerges as a leader

7 B EING A LEADER ! Study leadership Participate in organizations Practice leadership at work Observe leaders Work with a mentor Do a self-analysis and ask for feedback How can you benefit? Positive influences on others at school and work Opportunities for advancement in the future

8 A SSIGNMENT Create leader cinquain See calendar for assignment details.

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