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2 MAGNETISM Magnetism is the force where objects are attracted or repelled to one another Usually these objects are metals such as iron.

3 MAGNETISM Every magnet has two poles. This is where most of its magnetic strength is most powerful. These poles are called north and south or north-seeking and south seeking poles.

4 MAGNETISM When the north pole of one magnet is placed near the north pole of another magnet, the poles are repelled. When the south poles of two magnets are placed near one another, they also are repelled from one another. When the north and south poles of two magnets are placed near one another, they are attracted to one another.

5 MAGNETISM In other words …. Like poles repel. Opposite poles attract.

6 MAGNETISM The attraction or repelling of two magnets towards or against one another depends on how close they are to each other and how strong the magnetic force is within the magnet. The further apart the magnets are the less they are attracted or repelled to one another.

7 MAGNETISM When a magnet is broken into little pieces, each piece, regardless of how big or small, has its own north and south poles.

8 MAGNETISM There is a strong connection between electricity and magnetism. With electricity, there are positive and negative charges. With magnetism, there are north and south poles.

9 MAGNETISM An important difference between electricity and magnetism is that in electricity it is possible to have individual positive and negative charges. In magnetism, north and south poles are always found in pairs.

10 MAGNETISM In the same way north and south poles will set up magnetic fields, electric charges create electric fields around them.

11 MAGNETISM Magnetic field lines are closed loops, extending from the south pole to the north pole and back again, While electric field lines begin on positive charges and end on negative charges.

12 MAGNETISM Electric fields come from charges or currents, which are simply a whole bunch of moving charges.

13 MAGNETISM In a permanent magnet, the magnetic field comes from the motion of the electrons inside the material.

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