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译林牛津版高一必修 1 Unit1 School Life Some Clubs in American or British Schools Warming up.

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2 译林牛津版高一必修 1 Unit1 School Life

3 Some Clubs in American or British Schools Warming up






9 1.Who started the radio club? I Read the first passage and find out as much information as you can about the radio club. Kate Jones, the writer. Reading

10 2.When the radio club started? Two years ago. Because CD players were not allowed in school and in order to play music during break time. 3.Why was the radio started?

11 4. What the radio club does? Every morning: tell the students about the weather and recent news, special messages the teachers want to broadcast. During exam time: a special program about some Dos and Don’ts for the students’ preparations.

12 At the end of the school year: many students who are graduating use our club to give messages to their close friends and teachers. When parents come: play the songs sung by students and give pecial messages to inform the parents of events such as outings and school plays.

13 1. What’s the name of the school club? 2. Who started the school club? II Read the second passage and answer the following questions. Mr. Owen, the English teacher. Poets of the Next Generation.

14 First select poems that they love, and then read them out loud. Write poems and read out. 3. When do the members of the school club meet? 4. What do the members of the school club do? The last Friday of every month.

15 Discussion 1. Which of the two clubs would you like to join? Give your reasons. 2. Suppose you are given a chance, what club would you like to run?

16 Starting the project 1. How to set up a school club? Discussion 2. How to design a poster advertising a new school club?




20 Designing a poster Planning Preparing Producing Presenting

21 Planning (Day 1-2) 1. Form groups. 2. Suggest clubs you will start. 3. Give your reasons and have discussion. 4. Vote to decide. 5. Have it approved by the teacher. 6. Write down the name. 7. Take on responsibility for tasks. (take turns)

22 Preparing (Day 3) 1. Find one or two posters about school clubs. 2. Discuss information about these posters. 3. Decide what can be learned from them. 4. Form your own idea about your club.

23 1. What does the club do? 2. How does it attract new member? 3. How does it help members achieve their goals? Discuss the information found:

24 4. What does the poster consist of ? 5. How does it attract viewers? … (These sample questions will be given to each group in written form)

25 attract new members achieve one’s goals consist of= be made up of consist in 在于 the information found Language focus

26 learn…from… come up with a new idea on one’s own= by oneself of one’s own

27 Producing (Day4—6 ) 1. Draft the poster. 2. Read carefully and make suggestions. 3. Make some changes and finalize the poster. 4. Approve the poster.

28 Presenting (Day 7) 1. Present your poster to the class. 2. Put the poster on display and let students sign up. 3. Give awards to the winners. (Evaluation from both teachers and students)

29 Language focus give a present to sb= give sb a present at present present …to… sign up (for) win the competition

30 compete against/with sb (for sth) compete to do sth competitive competitor It is time (for sb) to do sth

31 难句解析 1. Our club is much more than just music. (P18) 我们 的俱乐部不只播放音乐。 more than 常置于名词、形容词、副词、动词及从句之 前,意为 “ 多于 …… ;不止 ……” 。 Her performance was more than good; it was perfect. 她的表演非常好,可以说是完美的。

32 特别提示 no more than 与 not more than ; no more... than... 与 not more... than... 用法和区别 no more than 表示 “ 只有;仅仅 ” ,相当于 “only”, 强 调 “ 少 ” 。 We have taken no more than five courses this term. 这学期我们只上了五门课。

33 not more than 意为 “ 不超过;不多于;至多 ” ,相当于 “at most”, 客观地说明数量。 He knows not more than you do. 他知道的不及你多。 no more... than... / not more... than... 表示前者和后者 一样都不 …… ,其作用相当于 neither... nor... 。

34 Jack is no more diligent than John. 杰克和约翰都不勤奋。 This story is not more interesting than that one. 这个故事不比那个故事有趣。

35 2. It was a little scary at first, but everyone was so nice and friendly that I soon stopped worrying. (P18) 刚开始时有点害怕,但是大家都如此友善,因此我很快 就不再担心了。 so... that... 意为 “ 如此 …… 以至于 ……” , so 修饰形容 词、副词, that 引起结果状语从句,口语中 that 可以省 略。

36 He is so ill that we had to send for a doctor. 他病得很重,我们只好给他请医生了。 特别提示

37 so... that... 句式中的 so 不能替换成 very, too, quite 等。 so that 连在一起时,意为 “ 以便;因此 ” ,用来谈论目的。 She’s staying here for six months so that she can improve her English. 她要在这儿住六个月,以便提高自己的英语水平。

38 so 与 such 的区别 such 用在(形容词 + )名词前, so 用在形容词、副词等 的前面。请看下面的例句: The milk was so good that we couldn’t stop drinking it. It was such good milk that we couldn’t stop drinking it. 牛奶太好喝了,我们没法不继续喝下去。

39 祝同学们学习进步!

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