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Created by Barbara Pitsinger

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1 Created by Barbara Pitsinger
PowerPoint Basics Created by Barbara Pitsinger

2 What is PowerPoint? PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics program that allows one to produce professional-looking presentations. A PowerPoint Presentation is also called a Slide Show.

3 PowerPoint Window Slide Layout Task Pane Slide Thumbnail
Text Placeholders View Buttons

4 PowerPoint Views A view is the mode in which the presentation appears on the screen. Types of views: Normal Outline Slides

5 Slide Layout Steps: select a different layout by clicking on the thumbnail image. Several types of layout are illustrated. Click on the layout desired. Title Organization chart Bulleted text Insert a Graph Clip Art Using a Table

6 To Change Slide Layout The Title slide is the layout presented for the first slide. Steps: Go to the Format menu Select Slide Layout. Click on the thumbnail image desired.

7 Changing the Slide Design
Steps: Click on the Format Menu Select Slide Design desired.

8 Adding Text On any slide layout, there will be dashed boxes including instructions to "Click to add ..." Click and add the text until the text has been added to the areas.

9 Changing Font and Size With the text highlighted, click on the down arrow beside the name of the font, or font size to choose another. With the text highlighted, click on the large A to increase size, or the small A to decrease size

10 Changing Text Color With the text highlighted, click on the down arrow to choose a new color. Or with the text highlighted, go to the Format Menu at the top of the page and select Font to change font, size, style, or text color.

11 Inserting Clip Art There are a variety of ways to insert Clip Art into a slide: Steps: Go to Insert from the Menu Bar Select Picture Click on Clip Art Type in Clip Art Category Double-Click on desired Clipart Or From the Slide Layout click on the clipart icon. Type in clipart category Double-click on desired clipart.

12 Adding a New Slide After selecting the desired format for the first slide, add a second slide to the presentation by: Go to the Insert menu at the top of the page and select New Slide Click on the New Slide button from the Format toolbar.

13 Saving the Presentation
Steps: Click-on File in the Menu bar. Click-on Save in the Drop Down Menu that appears. The Save As dialog box appears. Type in a name in file name box. Change the drive to the appropriate one. Click on Save.

14 Viewing the Slide Show Go back to Slide 1.
Click-on the small Slide Show button in the button bar at the lower left of the screen. The slide show presentation begins. Click the left mouse to advance to the next screen.

15 Transitions Steps: Right click the mouse button.
A shortcut menu appears. Click on Slide Transition The Slide Transition task pane appears. Select the type, speed, and/or of transition desired. Click apply to all Slides.

16 Inserting Sound Steps:
Navigate to the slide to which you want to add the action button. On the Drawing toolbar, select Auto Shapes. Select Action Buttons and select the Sound button. Click the mouse to place the Sound button in the desired location. Select the Mouse Click tab. Select Play Sound. Then choose the desired sound from the drop-down listbox. Click OK to insert the button.

17 Creating Handouts From the View menu, select Master > Handout Master. Select the desired layout on the Handout Master toolbar. From the File menu, select Print. In the Print dialog, select the number of slides you want to appear on the handout. Click OK.

18 PowerPoint Lesson Plan Ideas & Activities
Teacher Driven Presentations Student Driven Presentations Multimedia Storytelling Multimedia Biographies Jeopardy Review Game Historical Timelines

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