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Bell Ringer List 2 landforms we discussed yesterday.

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1 Bell Ringer List 2 landforms we discussed yesterday.

2 I can describe where a river begins. I can name the watershed in which I live. I can describe how a watershed works.

3 Recall yesterday We used the Frayer vocabulary model to discover our definition for landform. We jogged your memory using the KWL chart. Today we continue with landforms (list next slide) Page 240-241 in your text

4 What is the difference? Earth landforms Mountain Hill Valley Canyon Cliff Plain Plateau Desert Beach dune Earth’s water features Ocean Coast Tributary River Waterfall Lake Estuary Delta Inlet

5 What is a watershed? A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place.

6 Watersheds—KY Locations

7 Watershed Locator Your watershed To find your watershed click the link above.

8 Next Project Design and make a watershed! 12-16-09 *DUE DATE* Individual or group 12-02-09 Paper work for your watershed. (instructions, rubric (how you will be graded, hints on materials) 12-04-09 Diagram of your watershed! 12-08-09 Written description (How will you make your water shed?)

9 Where do rivers all begin? Runoff- –Rain (some evaporates immediately, some soaks into the soil, the remaining flows over the ground surface) –Snow melting –Ice melting

10 What affects runoff? 1. the type of ground surface 2. the rate of rainfall 3. the slope of the land



13 What do all of these photo’s have in common? All of the water is running downhill.

14 Let’s start small Tributaries—are the smaller streams and rivers that feed into a larger river. River systems—a river and all its tributaries together make up a river system. –Flow downhill to the pull of gravity

15 Think about a bathtub Where does the water go when you pull the plug???

16 Watershed– also called a drainage basin.

17 Recap today for me------

18 Exit Question---- Choose 1 to answer A. Describe where a river begins. B. Describe a watershed.

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