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Leadership & Teamwork Unit Vocabulary.

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1 Leadership & Teamwork Unit Vocabulary

2 Leadership & Teamwork Vocabulary
Conflict Delegate Empathy Enthusiasm Ethical Work Habits Fairness Honesty Human Relations Initiative Integrity Leadership Positive Attitude Positive Reinforcement Team Building Teamwork

3 Enthusiasm A strong excitement of feeling; something inspiring zeal or fervor

4 Ethical Work Habits How one looks, acts and performs a job while working with others.

5 Initiative Taking action to get things done.

6 Positive Attitude Confident, optimistic, and focusing on good things rather than bad.

7 Team Building An activity that builds and strengthens the team as a team.

8 Teamwork A cooperative effort by a group or team.

9 Delegate Give employees the power to run things and make decisions.

10 Conflict a disagreement or clash between ideas, principles, or people

11 Empathy The ability to identify with and understand somebody else's feelings or difficulties

12 Fairness The condition of being just or impartial

13 Honesty The quality, condition, or characteristic of being fair, truthful, and morally upright.

14 Human Relations The ability to effectively communicate with people.

15 Integrity Holding to principles like honesty, loyalty, and fairness.

16 Leadership The ability to guide, direct, or influence people.

17 Positive Reinforcement
The presentation of something pleasant or rewarding immediately following a behavior.

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