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Grammar Notes LEVEL 100.

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1 Grammar Notes LEVEL 100

2 Be

3 Positive Sentences

4 I am from Canada. You are tall. He is fast. She is from Mexico. It is small. We are from Korea. They are from Spain. →→ I’m from Canada. You’re tall. He’s fast. She’s from Mexico. It’s small. We’re from Korea. They’re from Spain.

5 Negative Sentences

6 I am not cold. You are not from Japan. He is not happy. She is not old. It is not expensive. We are not from England. They are not young. →→ I’m not cold (I amn’t). You aren’t from Japan. He isn’t happy. She isn’t old. It isn’t expensive. We arent from England. They aren’t young.

7 Questions and Short Answers

8 Are you ok? Are you married? Is she 22? Is she from Mexico? Is he a teacher? Is he cold? Yes, I am. Yes, she is. Yes, he is. No, I’m not. No, she isn’t. No, he isn’t.

9 Possessive Adjectives

10 Examples My name is Mark. What is your address? What is his phone number? What is her job?

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