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Rhetorical Strategies

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1 Rhetorical Strategies

2 “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

3 Rhetorical Devices use of language that is intended to have an effect on its audience Style Appeals

4 Figurative language Here comes the Helen of our school – allusion
I would die if you asked me to sing in front of my parents – hyperbole He smokes like a chimney – simile More Examples

5 Repetition

6 Rhetorical questions How did this idiot get elected? – implication of “idiot”

7 Stereotyping

8 Diction Author’s choice of words Syntax How words are organized

9 Tone The feel or sound of your writing Polite Rude Businesslike
Friendly Etc.

10 Appeals Logos Ethos Pathos

11 Logos Appeal to logic or reason
the argument itself; the reasoning the author uses; logical evidence “Oh, that makes sense” or “Hmm, that really doesn’t prove anything.” EX: facts, statistics, citations, quotes, examples, definitions

12 Questions to ask for Logos:
Is the thesis clear and specific? Is the thesis supported by strong reasons and credible evidence? Is the argument logical and arranged in a well- reasoned order?


14 Ethos Appeal to character or ethics
How the author builds credibility and trustworthiness Reader or audience respects the author or his views EX: author’s profession/background/publication, appearing sincere or fair, conceding to opposition where appropriate, morally likable, appropriate vocabulary and language for audience and subject, correct grammar

15 Ethos What are the writer’s qualifications? How has the writer connected him/herself to the topic being discussed? Does the writer demonstrate respect for multiple viewpoints by using sources in the text? Are sources credible? Are sources documented appropriately? Does the writer use a tone that is suitable for the audience/purpose? Is the diction (word choice) used appropriate for the audience/purpose? Is the document presented in a polished and professional manner?


17 Pathos Appeal to emotion
Words or passages and author uses activate emotion Persuasion by emotion – evoking fear, sympathy, empathy, and/or anger EX: emotionally loaded language, vivid descriptions, emotional examples, testimonies or anecdotes, figurative language, emotional tone

18 Pathos Are vivid examples, details and images used to engage the reader’s emotions and imagination? Does the writer appeal to the values and beliefs of the reader by using examples readers can relate to or care about?


20 Rhetorical Triangle

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