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Ethos, Pathos, Logos.

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1 Ethos, Pathos, Logos

2 Bell Work What do you think about and/or feel when you look at this ad?

3 Objective You will be able to identify the three kinds of appeals that every argument should contain.

4 Appeal An appeal is a serious or urgent request, typically one made to the public; a means of persuasion. EVERY strong argument needs the following 3 appeals: Ethos Pathos Logos Why? Because of the evidence from our old friend Aristotle and his research on the topic…

5 How can we ensure that we have a strong argument?
Aristotle was an Ancient Greek philosopher who loved to think and argue! He believed that rhetoric helps to make an argument stronger and better. What is rhetoric? the art of using language persuasively and effectively

6 Therefore… Aristotle says that the 3 appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) make up the best combination of language to ensure you are persuasive AND effective when speaking.

7 What is logos? the use of logic and critical reasoning to persuade someone of your beliefs and opinions Examples of logos used in arguments might include facts, definitions, statistics, and explanations.

8 What is pathos? the use of emotion to persuade someone of your beliefs and opinions Examples of pathos used in an argument might include: personal stories or anecdotes powerful words humor religious or spiritual references emotionally appealing visual descriptions

9 What is ethos? The establishment of a writer or speaker’s credibility, authority, and believability The writer or speaker’s ethos is what helps to establish her sense of character, causing her audience to trust her and the information she is presenting. Also deals with right and wrong.

10 Ethos, cont’d Examples of how a writer or speaker may establish ethos might include: Referencing experts and credible sources of information that are cited properly Showing, speaking in fairness using appropriate language that fits the audience and subject matter

11 ETHOS, PATHOS, and LOGOS Ethos: Is it Ethical?
AS YOU ANALYZE THE ADVERTISMENTS: Ethos: Is it Ethical? Pathos: Does it make you feel a strong emotion? Logos: Does it make you use your sense of reason?

12 Ethos Pathos or Logos?

13 Ethos, Pathos, or Logos?

14 Ethos, Pathos, or Logos?

15 Ethos, Pathos, or Logos?


17 Ethos, Pathos or Logos?

18 You Try! Take a moment to read each excerpt. Decide which appeal is being used (ONE for each). DO NOT voice your answer out loud; give everyone a minute to read and think for him/herself.

19 Homework Bring in an advertisement, from a magazine, online, newspaper, etc and in a few sentences, write down which appeal(s) is being used and an a brief explanation of how you know. Due TOMORROW!

20 Exit Slip Why should you use each of the three appeals in your arguments? How can you ensure you include logos? How can you ensure you include pathos? How can you ensure you include ethos?

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