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By Charlene Chen Margarita Garcia Rattama Valdez

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1 By Charlene Chen Margarita Garcia Rattama Valdez
Costco By Charlene Chen Margarita Garcia Rattama Valdez

2 *membership only *warehouse *provides a wide selection of merchandise
2nd largest retail in the U.S. 3rd largest in the world Largest membership warehouse club chain in the U.S.

3 Headquarter located *Issaquah Washington U.S.

4 Membership of Costco

5 Jeffery Brotman Born in 1943 an American attorney , businessman
the co-founder of Costco Wholesale Corporation joined with Jim Sinegal to plan for a new wholesale business ( in 1982) The Chairman of the Board for the company since 1994 President/ CEO: Craig Jelinek; CFO: Richard Galanti

6 The brief history of Costco
First Price Club opened in , in San Diego First Costco opened in 1983, in Washington Price Club and Costco merged in 1993 It changed name to Costco Wholesale Corporation in 1999

7 Marketing Membership only warehouse wholesale
Have large Membership Base Huge buying power No advertisement necessary

8 Major products and service
Home products : electronics, furniture, groceries. Business: credit report, business phone service Life: business prescription insurance, group vision plan, life insurance

9 Why is it successful They have good strategic marketing
Best productivity Good salary for the employees Unbeatable prices

10 Experience in Costco Car– Costco program
Car-- Insurance , homeowner insurance Tires All my household supplies

11 Outside its business Costco giving guideline– children: education, health, human services Qualifying for Grant : The United Way , Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Red cross, Supporting charitable and community activities

12 Interesting fact CEO’s working rules:
All Kirkland Signature products– equal or better Offer a savings to the members Continuous Improvement

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