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The Female Reproductive System

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1 The Female Reproductive System
Ovaries All three enclosed within broad ligament. Uterine tubes Uterus Vaginal canal and vagina External genitalia

2 Female Reproductive System

3 The Ovaries Ovaries -> eggs, estrogen and progesterone.
Held in position by ovarian ligament and suspensory ligaments. Ovarian artery and vein enter at ovarian hilus. Covered by tunica albuginea. Ovarian cycle and follicular development. (dictates uterine cycle)

4 The Uterine Tubes Infundibulum with fimbriae Ampulla Isthmus
Intramural portion that opens to uterine cavity Lined with ciliated and nonciliated simple columnar epithelium - aids in transport

5 ciliated and non-ciliated simple columnar epithelium

6 Gross Divisions of the Uterus
Fundus Body (largest portion) Cervix External os Uterine cavity Cervical canal Internal os


8 Uterine Wall (Layers) Endometrium - innermost layer
Contains endometrial (uterine) glands. Functional layer, top 1/3 (sheds). Basal Layer, bottom 2/3 (remains). Myometrium – muscular (thickest ~90%). Perimetrium – outermost (superficial).

9 The Uterine Wall Basic histology of the uterine wall. Figure 27.16b





14 The Vagina Elastic muscular tube from uterus to external genitalia (has rugae). Passageway: Forms lower portion of birth canal. Hymen partially blocks entrance to vagina. Lined by stratified squamous epithelium.

15 The External Genitalia
Vulva (pudendum) Labia majora – outer (larger) Labia minora – inner (smaller) Clitoris – erectile tissue (spongiosum) - Prepuce (hood, foreskin of clitoris) Vestibule (created by labia minora) Greater vestibular (Bartholin’s) gland. Mons pubis






21 The Ovarian and Uterine Cycles
28 day menstrual cycle Begins with onset of menses Destruction of functional zone of endometrium Menstruation continues for 1-7 days Proliferative phase Functional zone undergoes repair and thickens Entire cycle begins at menarche (puberty) Continues until menopause

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