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Norwood Primary School Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting (PTA AGM)

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1 Norwood Primary School Parent Teacher Association Annual General Meeting (PTA AGM)

2 What’s a PTA? A Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an organisation of parents and staff. Its’ role is to encourage closer links between home and school & provide an opportunity for parents, staff and pupils to get together often with school fundraising as an end goal. All families of pupils at Norwood Primary are automatically members of the PTA.

3 The object of our PTA - (as taken from our constitution) …is to advance education of pupils in the school by developing relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school, and engage in activities or provide facilities or equipment to support the school and advance the education of pupils.

4 What’s an AGM? An AGM is an Annual General Meeting Where we provide you with an overview of the past year. During this meeting our committee is elected to run the PTA – ours consists of a chair, a treasurer, a secretary and everyday committee members.

5 Highlights of the past year We raised money through: Holding 3 Norwood Cinema: Film Clubs Holding 3 School Discos with Sparkletown Used Uniform Swap Shop Sales Facilitating Family Photo Sessions Personalised Christmas Cards Rags 2 Riches used clothing charity collection Bounce Department event at Fleming Park Christmas and Summer Fayres

6 Highlights of the past year We offered our support to the school through: Book Week – providing sponsors for prizes, a book quiz, a book swap and help with events Providing judges and prizes at the Easter Bonnet Parade Providing a used uniform swap shop Facilitating 2 visits by Immersive Planetarium Providing facepaint at end of year shows Distributing Ice lollies at Sports Day and on the last day of summer term Hosting a volunteers thank you teaparty

7 Highlights of the past year We spent money raised on: New sets of take home reading books for Year R and KS1 Mud Kitchen books and wet weather gear for Year R Subsidised choir & trips Art supplies for art week

8 What can we look forward to this year? Termly events: Cinema clubs Discos Used uniform swap shop Christmas Fayre Summer Fayre Christmas Lunch at Wells Place End of year teaparty Bounce Department event Some meetings at Gambado (with free entry!) GOAL: Create more links within the local community

9 To support our activities – we need YOU. Why join the PTA at Norwood?  Fun  Rewarding  Make new friends  Learn new & valuable skills  Feel part of the school community  Make a difference & have a say The level of commitment you want to give is up to you... And every little helps!

10 Financial Report by our Treasurer: Kate Cambridge



13 Net Profit For Year: £970.55

14 Election time! Chair Secretary Treasurer Staff Member Ordinary Committee Member Appointment of an Independent Examiner Please consider being an ‘Active Committee Member’ by attending meetings when you can and/or helping plan or run events.

15 For more information Find & Join us on Facebook! Email us at:

16 Thank you for coming!

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