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2 Health status – condition of person’s body, mind, emotions & relationships 10 factors that affect a person’s health status Heredity, environment, random events, health care, behaviors & situations, relationships, decisions, resistance skills, risks & resilient.

3 Heredity Passing of characteristics from biological parents to their children Protective factor – increases the chance of a positive outcome Risk factor – increases chance of a negative outcome

4 Environment Everything around a person.
Air you breathe, water you drink & place you live May produce a positive protective factor or negative risk factor

5 Random Event An event in which a person has little or no control over

6 Health Care Professional medical and dental help that promotes a person’s health The kind of health care and the way you use it affects your health status

7 Behaviors & Situations
Healthful behavior choice – promotes health, prevents injury, illness & premature death, improves the quality of the environment (Seat belts, exercising regularly, proper foods) Risk behavior choice – threatens health, may cause injury, illness early death, destroys the environment (smoking, drugs)

8 Risk Behaviors Behaviors that result in unintentional injuries
Tobacco, alcohol, and/ or drug use Poor diet choices & activity choices Sexual risks of HIV & STD’s

9 6 Risk Behaviors in Teens
Behaviors that result in unintentional and intentional injuries Tobacco use Alcohol and drug use Sexual behaviors resulting in HIV or STD’s Diet choices that contribute to disease Lack of physical activity

10 Relationships: Healthy relationships are free of violence &/or drug misuse, promotes self-respect & encourages good health Harmful relationships includes violence &/or drug misuse, lowers self-respect & interferes with health

11 Decisions: Your decisions you make affect your health status
Responsible decisions – promote health, protect safety, follows laws, self respect for you & others, & follows guidelines Wrong decisions - opposite

12 Resistance Skills: These are skills that help a person say “NO” to an action or to leave a situation. Dealing with pressure from peers. Responsible decisions when others are pressuring you to make a wrong decision.

13 Risk-Taking: Risk- a chance that a person takes that has an unknown outcome Calculated risk – chances taking after careful consideration of possible outcomes Unnecessary risk – taking chances after weighing risks

14 Resiliency: Ability to adjust, recover, bounce back and learn from difficult times Able to make quick adjustments to difficult situations You don’t let tough times interfere with your goals and dreams Learn from mistakes

15 You Are Responsible for Your Health:
Quality of life – the degree in which a person lives life to the fullest capacity Wellness – the quality of life that results from a person’s health status

16 Wellness Scale: Scale that shows the ranges of the quality of life Optimal to Premature Death The more positive factors you have the greater your optimal wellness

17 Communication is effective Self directed learning
Health literate person is skilled in: Communication is effective Self directed learning Able to problem solve Responsible citizen

18 Communication – expressing ideas & beliefs concerning health knowledge
Self Directed Learning – gathering, keeping up to date and using health related information

19 Problem Solving – evaluating the facts, examining possible outcomes before making decisions
Responsible citizenship – behaving in ways to make home, school, community a better place

20 A person who promotes health
Health Advocate A person who promotes health


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