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Figurative Language.

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1 Figurative Language

2 Simile A comparison of two unlike objects using like or as to show the similarity. Example: The dog’s bark was as loud as a rock concert.

3 Metaphor A comparison between two unlike objects without using like or as. Example: She was an angel.

4 Hyperbole point. An extreme exaggeration used to prove a
Example: I walked a hundred miles today.

5 Personification Giving human qualities to animals or inanimate objects. Example: The pencil danced across the paper.

6 Idiom An expression in which the figurative meaning is different than its literal meaning. Example: She will be there for you at a drop of a hat.

7 Onomatopoeia A word whose sound suggests its meaning. Example: Pop! The ball deflated.

8 Alliteration A phrase where the consonant repeats as the first letter of each word Example: Greg guards guys going to grab the pill.

9 Let’s Play a Game!

10 Write the type of Figurative Language on the line.
1._________What she looked like most was a blackbird caught in the rain. 2._________He was thinking a mile a minute. 3._________I was busting tail downcourt 4._________He cried like a baby 5._________ Rushing back and forth to his light palms as if it was a giant yo-yo. 6._________ It made me mad what Vicky said about me sweating Margie.


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