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Constitutional Convention

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1 Constitutional Convention
Chapter 7.2

2 Overview Identify leading delegates of the Constitution
Explain the main differences between the two rival plans for the new constitution Describe the compromise the delegates before the constitution


4 Question?? Do you think it is fair to have representation based on the size of the group? How do you think Americans felt about central government after the Revolution and Shay’s Rebellion?

5 Leading Delegates at Convention
George Washington Alexander Hamilton James Madison Ben Franklin George Mason Roger Sherman

6 James Madison Roger Sherman George Washington Benjamin Franklin

7 Great Compromise Favored large States
Legislature pass laws Favored strong national government; 3 branches Favored large States Proposed by James Madison and Edward Randolph Virginia Plan Executive carryout laws New Jersey Proposed by William Patterson Feared large states would outvote them in Congress Supported 3 branches, but only one house in legislature Only 1 vote Great Compromise

8 Great Compromise Proposed by Roger Sherman
Created 2 houses of legislature 3 Branches of Government House of Representatives based on population (Lower) Senate (Upper) 2 per state Satisfied both sides Created unity

9 North and South Compromise
Three-Fifths Compromise Southerners wanted to count slaves, but not let them vote House of Representatives would have more representation in Congress Northerners objected All agreed to count 3/5th of slave population, meaning 5000 population = 3000 counted

10 2d North-South Compromise
Slavery an issue North advocated banning slavery South stated it would ruin economy Agreed that Congress could not outlaw for 20 years. Agreed that fugitive (runaway) slaves would be returned to owners who claimed the slave

11 Questions Who were two leading delegates to the Constitution Convention? George Washington, Ben Franklin, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton Why did small states favor the New Jersey plan? Representatives in the legislature were selected based on population. How many votes did a state get under the New Jersey Plan 1 vote per state

12 Round 2 What was the plan called that resolved the conflict between the two plans of government? Great Compromise What did both plans want in the compromise? Three branches of government What was important part of the Great Compromise? Seats in the House of Representative were awarded by population.

13 Review Today we have discussed: The Constitutional Convention
The major leaders attending the convention The two plans: New Jersey and Virginia Plans The Great Compromise The compromises between North and South

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