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Skills and Qualities of ICT Teacher

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1 Skills and Qualities of ICT Teacher
Suresh G Isave Associate Professor Tilak College of Education Pune India

2 Questions What qualities and skills are essential to ICT teacher? Give a list and explain any four of them with example Which qualities and skills are require to an ICT teacher to improve the quality of education system explain with example How ICT teacher can utilize her skills and qualities to overcome the challenges and barriers of ICT integration in Indian school?

3 Skill and Quality Skill is an ability to perform a particular task.
Quality is personality traits which reflects in behavior.

4 Skills for ICT Teacher Handling of Hardware Operations of Software Connectivity of machines Observant of netiquettes

5 Skills for ICT Teacher Use of secondary storage devices Demonstration Fault finding and Problem solving Convincing power

6 Qualities of ICT teacher
Technosavveyness Update knowledge Lifelong learning Awareness about legal and ethical issues Awareness of threats

7 Qualities of ICT teacher
Patience Logical thinking Experimental Adaptive and adjustment Liberal Self control Commitment

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