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A trip for retired people in Poland in the summer h.

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1 A trip for retired people in Poland in the summer h

2 Introduction - The retired people is a couple and they are living in Szczecin Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

3 Day 1 You are going to Poznan from Szczecin, by bus. This will cost 875 złoty. You will have breakfast every morning at the hotel. Afterwards you are going to their Hotel, called LECH. You are staying here in 4 days and this will cost 912 złoty. The first you will just look around in the Downtown, where you are living and afterwards you are going to a restaurant for dinner, and it will cost about 25 złoty. After the dinner you will go to a little pub, Sfinks, to drink a beer. A beer cost you 5 złoty. Later you are going back to the hotel. The whole day cost you: 1817

4 The hotel

5 Day 2 In day 2 the retired people are going to see some sights in Poznan. For the tour you need a travel agent to show you the town. The travel agent is booked for 100 złoty (two hours).You are going to see Cathedral and many other things. Then you have finished the tour, you will have a lunch. You will eat at Stark, and it will cost you 30 złoty. After the lunch, you are going back to the hotel to take a break. When you have relaxed for a time, you will make a shoppingtrip in the town, until dinner. The shoppingtrip will cost you about 75 złoty and the dinner about 30 złoty. The prize for day 2 will be: 235 złoty.

6 Poznan

7 Day 3 You will wake up at 9:00, to eat some breakfast and have a bath. At 11:00 you will take a taxi to palmiarnia (a center with exotic plants and trees). Intrence for both of them: 8 złoty. The taxi both way: 35. Maybe you will buy some souvenires! When you return to the hotel, you will have lunch for 35 złoty. After the lunch you can just take a walk around, and relax. We do not make any plans for you, but if there is something you want to see, then come up up with an idea and we will work on it. The dinner is taking place at the hotel. The prize will again be about 35 złoty. The whole day will cost you about: 113 złoty.

8 Palmiarnia

9 Day 4 Day 4 you are going to the most popular Zoo in Poznan. You will go in about 11:00. The taxi will cost about 30 both ways. The intrence cost about 40 złoty. It will take you all day. You eat in the Zoo, 30 złoty. Afterwards you are going back to the hotel, to get a dinner and when go to your room. For day 4: 100 złoty.

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