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Do Now Please complete questions 1 & 2 on pg. 126.

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1 Do Now Please complete questions 1 & 2 on pg. 126

2 Constitutional Monarchy Chapter 5 Section 2 Pp. 124-127

3 Canada Today Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories Responsibility of central government – National defense – Trade – Banking – Immigration – Criminal law – Postal service

4 Canada Today Provincial Government – Administer education – Property rights – Local gvt. – Hospital – Taxes for the province Territorial Government – Fewer responsibilites – Limited self-government

5 Organization of Canada’s Government Constitutional Monarchy – Has a constitution – Has a King or Queen – Legislative and Judicial Branches Head of State-British monarch is head of state. – King or Queen doesn’t live there so they appoint a representative – Little power – Represents historical traditions of Canada

6 Legislature Canada’s legislature is called Parliament. Has 2 bodies. – House of Commons – Senate Job is to determine laws and policies for country. House of Commons members are elected. Prime Minister-runs the executive branch within the legislature. Senators are chosen by the prime minister to represent each province and territory.

7 Judiciary Canada has a Supreme Court and provincial courts. Supreme Court is made up of chief justice of Canada and 8 other judges.

8 Equality and Justice Canada is a democracy Charter of Rights and Freedoms was added to the Canadian Government in 1982. Similar to our Bill of Rights Guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to vote, and equal rights.

9 Quebec Some French-speaking Canadians are separatists, or people who want the province of Quebec to become an independent country. Was put to a vote and both times it was turned down.

10 Quebec’s Importance Federal government wants Quebec to remain a part of the Canada because: Creates half of Canada’s aerospace production Half of its informational technology And 38% of its high-tech industry

11 Multiculturalism Canadian Multicultural Act of 1988- Guarantees the right of all Canadians to preserve their cultural heritage.

12 Quick Write Identify two specific details from this section that support the main idea that Canada is a democracy and wants to support the rights of individuals and different cultures. – (Will be collected and count as a quiz grade)

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